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 Adrian Townsend Westberry
 Andrew Cornelius Westberry, Sr
 Archie O. Westberry
 Arthur Lonzo Westberry
 Caleb Madison Westberry, Sr
 Carey Lester Westberry
 Carlos Thomas Westberry
 Charles Dewey Westberry
 Clifford Smith Westberry, Sr
 Clyde Westberry
 Columbus Dock Westberry
 Daniel Webster Westberry-Joseph Stewart
 Daniel Webster Westberry-Moses Josiah
 David Banson Westberry
 David Henry Westberry
 David Marion Westberry
 Earl Lewis Westberry, Sr (Errol)
 George Washington Westberry
 Gilford Miles Westberry
 Gordon Frederick Westberry
 Harry Buford Westberry
 Henry Jackson Westberry, Sr
 Herbert Lee Westberry
 Howell John Westberry
 Hugh Heywood Westberry
 Ira Wesley Westberry
 Isham Reddish Westberry
 James Robert Westberry
 Jared Clifton Westberry
 Jesse Kicklighter Westberry
 Jessie Leroy Westberry ----------------- WWI Card-Jessie Leroy Westberry
 John Dawkin Westberry
 Joshua A. Westberry
 Joshua Monroe Westberry
 Lawrence Wootson Westberry
 Lee Otis Westberry
 Malachi Causey Westberry
 Malachi Harper Westberry
 Willie Mershon Westberry
 William Moses Westberry, Jr ------  WWI Card- Moses Westberry ------ Discharge from Army
 Moses A. Westberry
 Oliver Massey Westberry
 Peter Clinton Westberry
 J. Port Westberry
 Rannel Lester Westberry
 Roy Verdon Westberry
 Stafford Quentin Westberry
 Turner M. Westberry
 William Alvin Westberry
 William Colmon Westberry
 William Ezra Westberry
 William Knighten Westberry
 William Walton Westberry
 Zebedee Westberry ------  WWI Card- Zebedee Westberry
 WWI Card-John M. Westberry --- John was a Blitch. He was adopted by John Moses Westberry, CSA
 WWI Card-Lonnie J. Westberry
All credit due Dorothy Rae Westberry Westbrook

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