Rabun Westberry, CSA

(MOSES1) was born Abt. 1819 in Georgia, and died Aft. 1870 in Berrien Co, Georgia. He married CELISIA STRICKLAND, daughter of RICHARD STRICKLAND and SUSANNAH BARFIELD. She was born 1821 in Georgia.
1860 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Rabon Westberry, 40; Leacy, 40; Simon, 17; Susan, 16; Moses, 15; Elizabeth, 11; Rabon-(Knighten), 13; Manly, 9; Elbert, 8; Nancy, 6; John, 4; Mary, 2.
1870 Census, Appling Co, Georgia
Rabun Westberry, 54; Celisie N., 42; Nighten, 17; Able-(Albert), 15; Nancy, 13; John, 12; Mary, 11.
In 1846, Rabun Westberry shows as a delegate from the Bethel Baptist Church, Appling Co, Georgia, to the Piedmont Baptist Association.
He also shows there in 1847 in the minutes but the delegates names are not available to see if he was one.
The church records show his name as RABUN.

i. MARTHA WESTBERRY, b. 1841, Georgia; m. A. E. COPELAND, December 21, 1875, Wayne Co, Georgia.
ii. SUSAN WESTBERRY, b. 1844, Georgia; d. March 22, 1927, Berrien Co, Georgia; m. JAMES HIERS.
iii. SIMEON A. WESTBERRY, CSA, b. October 04, 1844, Georgia; d. February 09, 1907, Hamiliton Co, Florida; m. (1) SALETA ANN WESTBERRY; b. 1839, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. 1903, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (2) UNKNOWN MCLEOD; b. Abt. 1857; m. (3) EMMA MOSLEY; b. Abt. 1858; m. (4) HARRIET MCLEOD, June 28, 1878, Jasper, Hamiliton Co, Florida; b. 1852, Georgia; d. May 16, 1931, Hamilton Co, Florida.
1870, June 16, Holmesville, Appling County, Georgia.
Wesberry, Simon, 24, Timber Cutter; Emma, 13, Housekeeping, Joseph, 1/12.
1880 Census, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
Simeon Westberry, 34; Harriet, 28; Harry, 8; Mary L., 2.
Westberry, Simeon A. -- Private - September 9, 1861. Captured at Murfreesboro, Tennessee December 7, 1864. Enlisted in U.S. Army at Camp Chase, Ohio, March 20, 1865, and transferred to Chicago, Illinois same date. (Born October 4, 1844.)
A pension was denied his wife because of desertion.
The Jesup Sentinel, Jesup, Wayne County, Ga., October 1877.
Local Items
We are reliably informed that on the 22nd of October one S. A. Westberry eloped with his wife’s sister, carrying with him his little son. He is supposed to have gone to the "land of flowers." We have been requested by a gentleman, to say that any information as to his whereabouts will be gladly received.
{Florida is spanish for Land of Flowers.}
Buried at New Hope Church Cemetery, Hamilton Co, Florida.
Notes for SALETA ANN WESTBERRY: Never Married. AKA Leacy, Melissy, Lee and Lucy A.
1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
John Westberry 28/1852 (This is John Josiah, son of Noah); Mellissy (Sister) 34/1846 (This is Leacy, his sister); Robert (Son], 13/1867; Joseph (Son) 8/1872.
December 27, 2002. I have just visited the Red Hill Cemetery at Jesup, Georgia. I noticed that the grave stones of Leacy, Joseph C., Robert Lee and Irona are all together.
Westberry, Harriett ; Age: 80 Year: 1930; Birthplace: Georgia; Florida County: Hamilton ; Township: Corinth; Relationship: Lodger
Buried at the New Hope Cemetery.
iv. MOSES WESTBERRY, b. 1845, Georgia. - Nothing can be found. May have died in the War.
v. RABON KNIGHTEN WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1849, Tattnall Co, Georgia; d. Bef. 1930, possibly Toombs Co, Georgia; m. (1) CAROLINE STRICKLAND, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. 1829, Georgia; d. January 20, 1916, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (2) SARAH JANE TYRE, April 10, 1874, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1859, Georgia; m. (3) SARAH SCREWS; b. Abt. 1870, Tattnall Co, Georgia; m. (4) DELIA "LILLIAN" SCREWS, July 03, 1886, Tattnall Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1864, Tattnall Co, Georgia; d. February 17, 1948, Georgia.
1880 Census, Pierce Co, Georgia.
Nighten is living with John W. Carter and is listed as 25 YO.
1900 Census, MD 1366, Hawpond, Tattnall County, Georgia, June 5, Image 8.
Westberry, Nighton, 52 (1848), Married 15 years, Farmer; Lila, Wife, 40 (1860), Married 15 years, 4 Children Born-3 Living; Susan, Dau., 14 (Aug 1885); Sarah J., Dau., 13 (Mar 1887); Rabun, Son, 5 (Aug 1895).
1910 Census, Tattnall Co, Georgia.
Nighton K. Westberry, 55; Lila, 45; Rabun, 13.
1870 Census, Reidsville, Tattnall County, June 30. Household 514.
Screws, Stephen, 42, Farmer, Born in N. Carolina; Sarah, 32, Keeping House, Born in Georgia; Jane 10; Homer, 8; Delilah, 6; Martha, 4; Sarah, 5/12. (Andersons living on both sides.)
1930 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Oliver, Boss, 58; Sallie, 40; Elton, 25; Ellen, 20; Nina, 12.
Lila Westberry, mother, 78.
vi. ELIZABETH WESTBERRY, b. 1849, Georgia.
vii. ALBERT WATSON WESTBERRY, SR, b. January 1850, Georgia; d. 1920, Georgia; m. MARY JANE JARRIEL, July 24, 1884, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. March 10, 1869, Collins, Georgia; d. September 12, 1940, Brunswick, Georgia.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Albert Westberry, Jan. 1850; Janie, Feb. 1870; Mary, Jan. 1887; Sim, Mar. 1888; Annie, Mar. 1890; Frank, Apr. 1892; Watson, Mar. 1894; Ely, May 1899.
1910 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Albert, 58; Jane, 38; Mary, 21; Sim, 20; Annie, 18; Frank, 15; Albert, Jr, 13; Hilton J., 8.
viii. MANLY WESTBERRY, b. 1851.
ix. NANCY WESTBERRY, b. 1854, Georgia.
x. JOHN W. WESTBERRY, b. 1856, Appling Co, Georgia; d. December 25, 1926, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. LUVENNIE O'NEAL CONNER; b. 1877; d. July 18, 1925, Wayne Co, Georgia.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
John W. Westberry, May 1865; Vinea, Oct. 1873; Randal, Jun. 1894; Westberry -Son-Not Rec, Oct. 1899.
1910 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
John W. Westberry, 59, Farmer, Head; Vena, 33, Wife; Ronnell, 16, son; Dewie, 11, son; Carrie, 7, daughter; Lud, 4, son; Lawton, 3, son; Effie, 6, daughter; Mary Conner, 60, mother-in-law.
1920 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
J. W. Westberry, 60; Venie, 46; Carrie, 19; Luddie, 13; Lawton, 10; Leon, 7.
xi. MARY WESTBERRY, b. 1858, Georgia.

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