(NOAH2, MOSES1) was born February 16, 1854 in Wayne Co, Georgia, and died January 15, 1931 in Wayne Co, Georgia. He married RACHAEL WESTBERRY April 09, 1879 in Wayne Co, Georgia, daughter of MILTON WESTBERRY and ALGYANN SPELL. She was born March 14, 1854 in Georgia, and died June 05, 1898 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, 26; Rachel, 24; William E., 2; Laura l., 3/12.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, Feb. 1852; David, Apr. 1882; Joshua, Jan. 1884; John H., May 1886; Madison, Mar. 1888; Katie, Jul. 1890; Annie, May 1892; Minnie, Mar. 1893; Clinton, Oct. 1896; William E., Nov. 1879.
1910 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
William Westberry, 58; Joshua, 23; Kate, 18; Annie, 16; Minnie, 14; Clinton, 12.
Family Bible page family register actual page owned by Dorothy Rae Oliver, hand written note shows birth date as Feb 16, 1854.
The Jesup Sentinel, Jesup, Wayne County, Georgia, Thursday, February 23, 1928. Oglethorpe News - Mr. Westberry Celebrates Seventy Fourth Birthday. A large crowd of friends and relatives gathered with Mr. William M. Westberry, Thursday, February 16, at the home of his son, D. M. Westberry who lives about ten miles out from Jesup to celebrate his seventy-fourth birthday. Some very interesting talks were rendered by Rev. C. J. Purcell and Supt. B. D. Purcell of Jesup, after which a sumptious dinner was served. Mr. Westberry had one brother, Mr. John J. Westberry of Jesup and eight children, Messrs. D.M., J. M., C. M. and W. E. Westberry all of Jesup, and R. C. Westberry of Perry, Florida, Mrs. Jessie Clark of Jesup, Mrs. Leonard Langford of Waycross, Mrs. Madison Cameron of Colon, Ga., eighteen grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, with a host of friends and relatives that were present. We hope Mr. Westberry will be able to enjoy many more happy birthdays like this one.
The Jesup Sentinel, Jesup, Wayne County, Georgia, Thursday, January 22, 1931.
W. M. Westberry Passes January 15 - W. M. Westberry died Thursday morning, January 15th, at the home of his son, R. C. Westberry, near Odum, at 7 o’clock, after an illness of a few days. He was born February 20th, 1854, and lived to the venerable age of 74. He was married to Miss Rachel Westberry, who died in 1898. Under this union were born five sons and four daughters. He had been a member of the Red Hill Baptist church for about forty-seven years and was a deacon for forty years. The funeral took place Friday afternoon at three o’clock at the family cemetery, with Rev. C. F. Burke, his pastor, in charge of the service. He is survived by four daughters, Mrs. J. M. Clark, of Jesup; Mrs. L. W. Westberry, of Jacksonville, Fla.; Mrs. I. L. Langford, of Waycross, Mrs. J. M. Cameron, of Fargo; five sons, W. E. Westberry, of Perry, Fla.; H. J. Westberry, of Perry, Fla.; D. M. Westberry, of Osteen, Fla.; C. M. and R. C. Westberry, of Jesup. Pallbearers were his grandsons, who were as follows: Smith Westberry, C. M. Westberry, Bert Westberry, Chester Cameron and Joe Clark.
Buried at Westberry Cemetery.
Family Bible page family register actual page owned by Dorothy Rae Oliver, hand written note shows death date as June 5, 1898.
Buried at Westberry Cemetery.


i. WILLIAM EZRA WESTBERRY, b. September 26, 1877, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. June 15, 1942, Taylor Co, Florida; m. NANCY ELIZABETH HERRIN, February 09, 1902, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. September 10, 1879, Georgia; d. July 07, 1966, Taylor Co, Florida.

ii. LAURA L. WESTBERRY, b. December 1879, Georgia; d. January 1945, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. JESSE MCCALLISTER CLARKE, May 21, 1895, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. August 1865; d. 1938.

iii. DAVID MARION WESTBERRY, b. April 12, 1882, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. April 01, 1953, Pritchardville, South Carolina; m. PERMELIA "MILLIE" LADORA PURCELL, April 25, 1907, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 08, 1889, Jesup, Georgia; d. December 14, 1955, Jacksonville, Florida.

iv. JOSHUA MONROE WESTBERRY, b. February 15, 1884, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. July 05, 1951, Camden Co, Georgia; m. RUTH AMMONS; b. 1897; d. September 17, 1972, Georgia.

v. HOWELL JOHN WESTBERRY, b. July 28, 1886, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. August 03, 1950, Florida; m. (1) DAISEY CALONIA PURCELL, May 22, 1910, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 12, 1881, Georgia; d. May 01, 1953, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (2) MAYBELL DUKES, November 22, 1914, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. May 29, 1897; d. December 17, 1928, Thomas Co, Georgia; m. (3) VERDIE MARIE AMMONS, March 31, 1929, Taylor Co, Florida; b. January 31, 1910; d. July 04, 1991, Florida.

vi. CALEB MADISON WESTBERRY, SR, b. November 24, 1887, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. September 24, 1965, Camden Co, Georgia; m. ELIZABETH MAE MADRAY, October 26, 1910, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. July 12, 1895, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. May 14, 1979, Georgia.

vii. KATIE M. WESTBERRY, b. July 09, 1890, Georgia; d. April 12, 1966, Duval Co, Florida; m. LAWRENCE WOOTSON WESTBERRY, July 09, 1911, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. August 26, 1888, Georgia; d. May 11, 1959, Duval Co, Florida.

viii. ANNIE CASSANDRA WESTBERRY, b. September 26, 1891, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ISHAM LEONARD LANGFORD, March 10, 1912, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. November 14, 1890; d. July 31, 1973.

ix. MINNIE WESTBERRY, b. February 26, 1893, Georgia; d. October 15, 1970, Ware Co, Georgia; m. JAMES MADISON CAMERON, May 08, 1913, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. November 25, 1892; d. May 06, 1960.

x. OSCAR WESTBERRY, b. January 07, 1895; d. June 05, 1895.

xi. RICHARD CLINTON WESTBERRY, b. March 03, 1896, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. February 01, 1969, Duval Co, Florida; m. (1) ESSIE MAGDALENE DUKES, May 15, 1919, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. September 14, 1899, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. June 01, 1993; m. (2) MRS. LUCY L. GREER; b. September 23, 1902; d. February 19, 1976, Duval Co, Florida.

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