(NOAH2, MOSES1) was born 1829 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died 1914 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She married JOSHUA CLARY, # Abt. 1852 in Appling Co, Georgia, son of UPTON CLARY and SARAH SOUTHWELL. He was born 1822 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died 1906 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Joshua Clary, oldest son of Upton and Sarah Clary, was born in 1822 in the 3rd district of Appling County.
He was married in 1842 to Cassandra Westberry, born 1828 in Appling County, daughter of Noah Westberry, son of Moses, of the Friendship community of old Appling.
Shortly after marriage Mr. Clary and wife settled on what is now known as the old George Madray farm about two miles east of Madray Springs and about eight miles northwest of where Jesup now is. Later, he acquired considerable land to the south, as far as Goose Creek, a distance of about four miles. In later years he moved to one of his farms near Goose Creek, and after a few years he built a new home on or near Goose Creek about two miles south of Madray Springs; some of this land is still in the Clary family.
Mr. Clary engaged in farming all adult life, and also engaged in the timber business, cutting the huge pine trees and hauling the logs to nearby Altamaha River where they were floated to mills. He also had a wide reputation as a blacksmith, and with the help of slaves and some hired help, he produced and supplied a good deal of supplies for the Confederate cavalry during the war.
Mr. Clary died at his home on Goose Creek in the summer of 1906 and was buried in the Clary cemetery east of Madray Springs. His wife survived and died about 1914 and was buried beside him.
1870, July, Census, Holmesville, Appling County, Georgia.
Clary, Joshua, 48, Farmer; Candacy, 44; Elizabeth 25; Mary A., 19; Nancy, 17; Joshua, 16; Ellender, 14; Eliza, 12; Upton C., 10; Martha J., 7; Henry, 4; Willie F., 1; and Sarah Clary, 64 (This should be Joshua's mother, Sarah Southwell and her birth year would be Abt. 1806.)
1880, July 1, Census, Wayne County, Georgia.
Clary, Joshua, 58, Farmer; Casandra, 55, Wife; Elizabeth, Dau., 34; Mary A., Dau., 30; Nancy, Dau., 28; Joshua B., Son, 26; Ellen, Dau., 22; Upton C., Son, 20; Martha J., Dau., 17; Henry L., Son, 14; Willie, Son, 11. (Living 2 doors from Caleb Westberry, CSA and living 2 doors the other side of Alfred Cutherbert Strickland.)
1900 Census, 1519 Dist., Wayne County, Georgia, June 28.
Clary, Joshua, 78, Oct. 1821, Married 58 years, Farmer; Sasandra, Wife, 74, Nov. 1825, Married 58 years, 12 Children Born, 11 Children Living; Elizabeth, Dau., 55, Feb., 1845; Sarah, Granddau., 25, Mch. 1875, Single; Westberry, Joseph, Boarder, 22, May, 1878, Single, Farm Laborer (Joseph is the nephew of Cassandra. His mother was Saleta (Leacy).


i. ALLEN CLARY, SR, CSA, b. February 06, 1843, Appling Co, Georgia; d. December 29, 1900, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (1) DORINDA SARAH KNIGHT, 1861; m. (2) TOBITHA BROWN, 1873; b. 1842, Bulloch Co, Georgia; d. 1885; m. (3) MARGARET HESTER PYE, April 23, 1886, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. September 30, 1852; d. September 15, 1937, Jesup, Georgia.

ii. ELIZABETH CLARY, b. 1845, Georgia; d. Georgia.

iii. SARAH CLARY, b. February 14, 1847, Appling Co, Georgia; d. June 10, 1936; m. DREW REDDISH; b. May 08, 1845; d. August 27, 1912.

iv. MARY ANN CLARY, b. 1850, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Georgia; m. SIMON P. R. OGDEN, August 25, 1881, Wayne Co, Georgia.

v. NANCY CLARY, b. 1852, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Georgia; m. WILLIAM SAULS, September 12, 1894.

vi. JOSHUA B. "BUD" CLARY, b. 1854, Appling Co, Georgia; d. January 28, 1932, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ABBIE DANIELS, August 12, 1896, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. June 17, 1875.

vii. ELLEN CLARY, b. 1856, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Georgia; m. JOHN K. THORNTON; b. January 24, 1859.

viii. ANNIE ELIZA CLARY, b. May 26, 1858, Appling Co, Georgia; d. May 16, 1948, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ROBERT STAFFORD REDDISH, February 16, 1885, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. January 12, 1846; d. May 09, 1929, Wayne Co, Georgia.

ix. UPTON CORNELIUS CLARY, b. April 18, 1860, Appling Co, Georgia; d. September 06, 1937, Georgia; m. MARTHA "MATTIE" SAMANTHA KNIGHT, February 13, 1885, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. November 11, 1868.

x. MARTHA J. CLARY, b. 1864, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Aft. 1948; m. J. N. BLITCH, November 25, 1886, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. 1859, Georgia; d. May 04, 1893, Wayne Co, Georgia.

xi. HENRY LAFAYETTE CLARY, b. January 06, 1866, Appling Co, Georgia; d. March 03, 1951, Georgia; m. MARGARET DANIELS, April 26, 1891, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 14, 1873; d. December 19, 1944, Jesup, Georgia.

xii. WILLIAM FRANK CLARY, b. 1868, Appling Co, Georgia; d. 1921, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. NANCY E. WESTBERRY, February 05, 1903, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1876, Georgia; d. July 15, 1943, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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