Moses Westberry, Jr
(MOSES1) was born Bet. 1804 - 1807 in Liberty Co, Georgia, and died April 12, 1887 in Brooks Co, Georgia. He married (1) EDITH UNKNOWN. She was born Abt. 1805 in Georgia, and died Bet. 1848 - 1853 in Lowndes Co, Georgia. He married (2) SARAH GEORGE September 01, 1853 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She was born Abt. 1820, and died Abt. 1874 in Georgia. He married (3) NANCY PARRISH NEWTON (TAYLOR) August 07, 1875 in Brooks Co, Georgia. She was born April 1839, and died February 1892.
1840 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
1850 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
Moses Westberry, 44; Edith, 45; Evelina, 19; Ajuniah J., 18; Nancy A., 17; Eliza A., 14; Matilda, 13; Sarah L., 11; John S., 12; Mary A., 9; Marietta, 2.
1860 Census, Valdosta, Lowndes County, Georgia, June 21.
Moses Westberry, 52, Farmer & Minister; Sally, 40; Elisa, 23, Seamstress; John, 22, Ploughman (sic); Matilda A., 20, Seamstress; Sarah, 19, Seamstress; Mary Ann, 17, Seamstress. (HH 226)
1870 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
Moses Westberry, 63; Sarah-(Sally), 64; Matilda A., 28; Sarah L., 27.
1880 Census, Ousley (1246), Lowndes Co, Georgia, June 15.
Westberry, Moses, 73, Farmer; Nancy, Wife, 40, Keeping House; Sarah, Dau., 27??, Single, at Home (Cannot Write); Henderson, John, GSon, 24, Single, Farm Laborer (Cannot Read or Write).
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Rev. Moses Westberry, Jr. was born in Georgia, probably in Liberty County. He was the son of Rev. Moses Westberry, Sr.
Moses, Jr. was a farmer and a minister. He was the pastor of Forest Grove Church. He also served other churches in and around the area. Antioch Church in Lowndes (now Echols) County was one of them. In fact, he was one of the ministers who served as the presbytery in the Constitution of Antioch Church in Oct. 1839 along with Rev. Bryan Fryer, from Friendship Church.
Moses, Jr. was a brother to Jared Westberry, who lived in Hamilton County, Florida. Rev. Moses, Jr. married Edith, Surname Unknown. They lived in Lowndes County, Georgia and raised their family there.
Sources: Lowndes County Census Records (1840); Huxford Genealogical Information; Family Members Information\Marriage Records\Cemetery Dates.
By Lena Westberry Brinson (a gg Niece) P.O. 36, Statenville,Ga. 31648
Rev. Moses Jr. served as minister for Columbus Primitive Baptist church (Brooks Co., Georgia.) a total of twenty-six years. During this time, an Elder A.V. Sims, who joined under his ministry said: "I am anxious that the memory of Elder Moses Westberry be immortalized and sacredly transmitted to future generations."
Physically he was a man of small stature, weighing about 130 pounds. His long flowing white beard was most becoming. He never wore expensive clothing, but was always so immaculate that it was said of him, "He is clean inside and out". He attended school but little, college not at all; yet he preached understandingly to the most learned. He was a life-long student of the Bible and other literature. His eloquence, depth of thought, the simple dignity of his manner, and above all the power of the blessed Gospel he preached, commanded the attention and interest of everyone of his hearers.
Rev. Moses Jr. died on 4/12/1887 in Lowndes Co , Georgia. He is buried in Forest Grove Cemetery in the area called Ousley, outside of Valdosta, Georgia. His grave is marked.
On the top of Rev. Moses Jr. tombstone is carved a hand pointing toward the heavens. At the bottom is inscribed; "Dearest father thou hast left us, Here our lost we deeply feel, But as God that hath bereft us, All our sorrows he can heal".
Notes for EDITH UNKNOWN: Edith was probably a Deas/Dees.

i. EVALYN WESTBERRY, b. December 19, 1830, Georgia; d. April 12, 1890, Lowndes Co, Georgia; m. DAVID J. HENDERSON; b. Abt. 1825, Georgia; d. Bef. 1870, Florida.
ii. ADONIRAM JUDSON WESTBERRY, CSA, b. February 21, 1832, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. February 10, 1927, Swift Current, Saskatchewan, Canada; m. PHYLINDA OSTRANDER, August 04, 1867, Lodi, Columbia Co, Wisconsin; b. September 05, 1839, Jefferson Co, New York; d. April 11, 1910, Worthing, Lincoln Co, South Dakota.
iii. NANCY ANN WESTBERRY, b. October 1833, Georgia; d. Aft. 1909, Hamiliton Co, Florida; m. BENJAMIN BASS, CSA, July 09, 1854, Lowndes Co, Georgia; b. Abt. 1833, Georgia; d. March 04, 1864, CSA Service, Rock Island Prison, Illinois.
iv. ELIZABETH ANN WESTBERRY, b. 1836, Georgia.
v. MATILDA A. WESTBERRY, b. 1837, Georgia; m. CHARLES R. ROWLAND, December 17, 1875, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
vi. JOHN S. WESTBERRY, CSA, b. April 1838, Lowndes Co, Georgia; d. Bet. 1900 - 1910, Clinch Co, Georgia; m. (1) RACHAEL A., February 08, 1854; b. 1836, Georgia; d. June 08, 1898, Lowndes Co, Georgia; m. (2) MARY C. WRIGHT, July 28, 1876, Lowndes Co, Georgia; d. February 1885, Clyattville, Georgia; m. (3) MINETTA HARNAGE, Abt. 1888; b. January 1859, Georgia; d. July 16, 1948, Lanier Co, Georgia.
vii. SARAH L. "SALLY" WESTBERRY, b. June 13, 1840, Lowndes Co, Georgia; d. December 29, 1923, Lowndes Co, Georgia.
viii. MARYANN M. WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1843, Lowndes Co, Georgia; d. August 10, 1873, Lowndes Co, Georgia; m. JOHN WRIGHT WILLIS, 1868; b. June 01, 1846, Pulaski Co, Georgia; d. March 23, 1923.
ix. MARIETTA WESTBERRY, b. 1848, Georgia.

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