(GEORGE3, THOMPSON2, UNK1) was born 1851 in Adel, Georgia. He married ELIZA LEE. She was born 1849.

Children of JOHN HARRIS and ELIZA LEE are:
2. i. GEORGE L. HARRIS, b. 1872.
ii. WILLIAM L. HARRIS, b. 1874.
iii. ELIZA HARRIS, b. 1876.
iv. JOHN L. HARRIS, b. 1878.
v. JAMES M. HARRIS, b. 1879.
Generation No. 2
2. GEORGE L. HARRIS (JOHN4, GEORGE3, THOMPSON2, UNK1) was born 1872. He married CORA.

Children of GEORGE HARRIS and CORA are:
i. RUBY HARRIS, b. 1902.
ii. MABEL HARRIS, b. 1904.
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