(JOSIAH2, MOSES1) was born Abt. 1833 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died December 12, 1917 in Brantley Co, Georgia. She married RICHARD BENNETT, CSA, #, son of HENRY BENNETT and MARGARET SHEFFIELD. He was born February 02, 1825 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died February 16, 1891 in Ware Co, Georgia.
1860 Census, The Southern District, Holmesville, Appling County, Georgia, July 11.
Richard Bennett, 34, Farmer; Rachel, 27; Margaret, 11; Rachel, 9; Mary A., 7; James, 5; Ann E., 2; Mary J., 11/12. (Household 320)
1870, August 17, 1870, Holmesville, Appling County, Georgia.
Benett, Richard, 44, Farmer, Rachel, 37, Keeping House; Rachel, 19; James R., 14; Anna E, 12; Mary J. 10; Jefferson D, 9; George W, 5; Catharine, 4; John W., 1; (Living 2 doors from Isham Bennett).
1880 Census, 1060 Dist., Ware County, Georgia, June 22.
Bennett, Richard, 54(?), Farmer; Rachel, 47, Wife, Keeping House; George W., 15, Son, Works on Farm; Catherine, 13, Dau., At Home; John W., 11, Son, Works on Farm; Russel W., 4, Son; Julian H., 2, Son; Sweat, M., Male, 30, Hirred/Farming; Sweat, John, Male, 30, Hirred/Teamster.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia
Richard served in Company 'K', 54th Vounteer Georgia Infantry Regiment, Army of Tennessee, C.S.A. He joined on April 16, 1862 and was elected 2nd Lieutenant. On July 27, 1862 he was promoted to 1st Lieutenant., and on December 20, 1862 he became Captain of his company. Company Rolls show he resigned May 21, 1863 but subsequent Rolls shows he remained in the service being on the payroll on February 29, 1864.
Richard's first residence was in Appling County in the portion later added to Wayne County. After the war he moved to Ware County and bought a farm near the Bacon County line and near the present Dixie Union school where he lived until his death in 1893. He and his wife are buried at Hepzibah church. Details of his church membership have not been learned. It seems he was a member of a church in Wayne County but some time in the 1870's he became a leader of the faction of the Primitive Baptists that became known as the "Bennenites", the division being largely a question of doctrine. He organized the Rome church near his home, gave the land for the church site, built the church largely by himself, and became the Pastor. Other churches later adhered to the same beliefs, some of which he pastored.
Family History: Mrs. Harley W. Bennett, states - "Richard was sitting in front of a fire one night, and heard a noise outside. They had been having trouble with a pack of wild dogs, so he took his rifle with him. When he came back inside, he tried to put his gun in the corner, behind the sewing machine. The machine was turned cross-wise, and as he tried to put the gun away, the butt hit the machine, discharged, and killed him."


i. MARGARET BENNETT, b. 1849, Appling Co, Georgia; m. JONATHAN THORNTON, December 04, 1865; b. 1839.

ii. RACHEL BENNETT, b. March 08, 1851, Appling Co, Georgia; d. August 16, 1931, Pierce Co, Georgia; m. JAMES R. RAULERSON; b. November 23, 1850; d. July 19, 1942, Brantley Co, Georgia.

iii. MARY ANN BENNETT, b. 1853, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Abt. 1886, Ware Co, Georgia; m. SHADRACH THORNTON; b. March 18, 1848, Appling Co, Georgia; d. February 13, 1916, Ware Co, Georgia.

iv. JAMES RILEY BENNETT, b. June 24, 1855, Appling Co, Georgia; d. February 12, 1948, Ware Co, Georgia; m. ANNIE BEASLEY; b. August 17, 1855; d. January 19, 1929, Ware Co, Georgia.

v. ANNIE ELIZABETH BENNETT, b. June 22, 1857, Appling Co, Georgia; d. May 05, 1941, Georgia; m. JOHN H. BAGLEY, September 13, 1874, Georgia; b. 1853, Ware Co, Georgia.

vi. MARY JANE BENNETT, b. August 23, 1859, Appling Co, Georgia; d. June 26, 1949, Waycross, Georgia; m. JOHN LYNN, April 05, 1877, Waycross, Georgia; b. January 08, 1853, Waycross, Georgia; d. Waycross, Georgia.
vii. JEFFERSON DAVIS BENNETT, b. 1861, Appling Co, Georgia; d. July 16, 1934, Ware Co, Georgia; m. JULIA ANN BAGLEY, January 24, 1878, Georgia; b. 1857; d. July 16, 1929, Ware Co, Georgia.
viii. GEORGE BENNETT, b. August 15, 1864, Ware Co, Georgia; d. September 17, 1899, Georgia; m. LINNIE BENNETT.

ix. CATHERINE BENNETT, b. April 05, 1866, Waycross, Georgia; d. Georgia; m. ROWAN MEEKS; b. March 03, 1865, Georgia; d. November 14, 1923, Georgia.

x. JOHN WALTER BENNETT, b. 1868, Waycross, Georgia; m. MAE SCRUGGS.

xi. RUSSELL WATSON BENNETT, b. November 02, 1875, Waycross, Georgia; d. July 10, 1944, Ware Co, Georgia; m. VIETTA JORDAN, December 1894; b. August 09, 1878, Ware Co, Georgia; d. January 11, 1952, Ware Co, Georgia.

xii. JULIAN HARTRIDGE BENNETT, b. January 06, 1878, Waycross, Georgia; d. January 23, 1962, Ware Co, Georgia; m. CATHERINE T. WALKER, April 12, 1897; b. March 27, 1880, Georgia; d. February 10, 1954.

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