(JOSIAH2, MOSES1) was born December 23, 1823 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died May 1906 in Worth Co, Georgia. He married (1) ALGYANN MEHALA SPELL. She was born 1824 in Georgia, and died August 21, 1875 in Georgia. He married (2) WINIFRED V. KICKLIGHTER January 08, 1878 in Wayne Co, Georgia, daughter of JESSE KICKLIGHTER and MARY GEIGER. She was born July 20, 1861 in Georgia, and died April 15, 1927 in Georgia.

1850 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Milton Westberry 1825/25; Alsey 1828/22; Nancy E. 1850/5/12.
1860 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Milton Westberry 36; Alcy 34; Nancy E. 8; Josiah 6; Rachel 5; William B. 4; Milton Thomas 1.
1870 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Milton Westberry 49; Alsey 46; Josiah 17; Nancy E. 19; William B. 13; Rachel 15; Milton T. 11; Howell 7; Mahala 2.
1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Milton Westberry 55; Winny 21; Frona, (Irona) 6; Howell 15; Mahala 12.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Milton Westberry, Dec 1823; Winnie V., May 1862; Jessie P., Sep 1880; Mary E., May 1884; Andrew C., Apr 1886; Earnest, Sep 1888.
Served in CSA in 1864-65.
Rumph's Company, GA Cav., (Wayne Cavalry Guards)
The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., December 16, 1884.
Jesup Sentinel: Mr. Milton Westberry has requested us to say that A. T. Lee and two other young men were shooting around his place on Tuesday, the 2d of this month, and that instead of shooting the bird they aimed at, they sent a charge of shot through his house. Mr. Westberry's wife and five children, together with a friend, were in the home at the time, and serious consequences might have resulted from such carelessness.

Milton was buried with his 1st wife, Alsey Spell, at Flint Branch Baptist Church. They are not buried in the cemetery. Their graves are across the road from the cemetery and about a block up the road from the church. A wrought iron fence surrounds their graves. The reason they were buried seperate from everyone else is currently unknown. - observation of Stephen David Westbrook
Wayne County News (Jesup, Georgia) May 16, 1906.
The remains of Mr. Milton Westberry, a former citizen of Wayne County, were brought here Monday and was interred in the Flint Branch Cemetary with Masonic honors.
Wayne County News (Jesup, Georgia ) May 1906.
Quite a large crowd of Masons of Jesup and other parts of the county attended the Masonic funeral of Mr. Milton Westberry at Flint Branch Sunday. The Masonic services, conducted by Worshipful Master George F. Armstrong of Jesup Lodge, was very interesting and impressive as well as being beautiful. Past Master W. R. Thompson, formerly of Jesup Lodge, but now of Waycross, preached a splendid masonic sermon. A great congregation of the friends and relatives of the deceased were in attendance. A committee was appointed to draft suitable resolutions of respect to Mr. Westberry, who has been a true and faithful member of the order. It was resolved that a copy of the resolutions be published in the Wayne County News and the Jesup Sentinel and that a copy of same be presented to the bereathed family.
Wayne County News (Jesup, Georgia) October 3, 1906.
IN MEMORIAM - On May the 14, 1906, Brother Milton Westberry, died at the home of his son, Bro. J. S. Westberry, in Sylvester, Worth County, Ga. Neither the Worshipful Master nor any of the brethren of Jesup Lodge had been informed of Bro. Westberry's sickness until after his death and it was only a few hours before the arrival of the train with his remains, that we were aware of the sad event, hence to our great regret it was impossible at that time to pay him the last sad honer to which he was entitled, as a worthy Mason.
Bro. Westberry was born in originally Appling, now Wayne County, on the 23d day of December 1823. He became a member of the Missionary Baptist Church at the age of 24 and had for many years been a leader in his church. At one time he was received as a Minister and often preached in the absence of the Pastor.
Bro. Westberry was made a Mason in Altamaha Lodge No. 227, in Liberty County, Ga. in 1869, was admitted from that Lodge in 1873, placing his dimit in Jesup Lodge soon after its organization in 1874.
During the war between the States, Bro. Westberry was a brave Confederate soldier and served his State with conspicious bravery and unswerving integrity. At the close of the war he returned home to his old home County and resumed his labors as a millwright and mechanic.
He was always ready and willing to assist the helpless, and needy and nobly served his day and generation, modest, gentle, amiable, loving and beloved.
He has gone to his reward, to dwell in peace and joy forever in the "House not made with hands, eternal in the Heavens."
As a Mason and as a man, as a minister and as a friend, as a soldier in the several fines of battle, as a private citizen in the calm pursuits of peace, he was ever obedient to the call of duty, loving the best interests of his fellow man, and fighting all his life for humanity.
Resolved: That our brother has wrought well has earned the plaudits of his State, his Church, and his Lodge, and now has received the Master's plaudit, "Well done thou good and faithful servant."
Resolved further: That a copy of these resolutions be furnished the family of the deceased brother and The Jesup Sentinel and Wayne County News for publication.
Respectfully submitted,
Com. C.C. Tindall,
Jas. Steele,
Jos. A. Morris.

i. NANCY E. WESTBERRY, b. January 25, 1850, Appling Co, Georgia; d. June 04, 1927, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. GEORGE W. HIRES, March 27, 1876, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. April 17, 1850; d. May 27, 1930, Wayne Co, Georgia.
ii. JOSIAH SIRAH WESTBERRY, b. December 11, 1852, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. December 06, 1927, Sylvester, Georgia; m. SARAH CATHERINE MCPHAUL; b. September 04, 1851, North Carolina; d. July 14, 1916, Sylvester, Georgia.
iii. RACHAEL WESTBERRY, b. March 14, 1854, Georgia; d. June 05, 1898, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. WILLIAM M. WESTBERRY, April 09, 1879, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 16, 1854, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. January 15, 1931, Wayne Co, Georgia.
iv. WILLIAM BRAXTON WESTBERRY, b. April 15, 1856, Appling Co, Georgia; d. April 15, 1913, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. SUSAN WILLIAMS, January 16, 1878, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. November 25, 1855, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. January 24, 1938, Wayne Co, Georgia.
v.THOMAS MILTON WESTBERRY, JR, b. 1859, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (1) FRANCES JOINER; b. 1861, Georgia; d. June 03, 1929, Charlton Co, Georgia; m. (2) LEILAND UNKNOWN.
vi. JOHN HOWELL WESTBERRY, SR, b. November 11, 1863, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. March 16, 1949, Sylvester, Georgia; m. (1) MINNIE OLA CORAM; b. February 1871; m. (2) MARY LOU POLHILL, 1904; b. 1869; d. June 10, 1943.
vii. MARY MAHALA WESTBERRY, b. 1868; d. April 1910; m. EDWARD NATHANIEL HUTCHINSON; b. August 29, 1857, Gwinett Co, Georgia; d. November 17, 1930, Poulan, Georgia.
viii. IRONA SONORA WESTBERRY, b. Bet. 1874 - 1877, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. July 17, 1967, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ROBERT LEE WESTBERRY, July 22, 1894, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. May 1870, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. January 03, 1949, Wayne Co, Georgia.

ix. JESSE KICKLIGHTER WESTBERRY, b. September 20, 1879, Georgia.
xi. ANDREW CORNELIUS WESTBERRY, SR, b. April 15, 1885, Georgia; d. October 05, 1957, Georgia; m. (1) KATE O'QUINN, June 14, 1906, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. (2) MARY EMMA SMITH, January 09, 1919, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. May 27, 1901, Georgia; d. December 17, 1970, Georgia.
xii. EARNEST J. WESTBERRY, b. September 1888; d. August 25, 1936, Brantley Co, Georgia; m. PAULINE WESTBERRY, March 13, 1905, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 04, 1889, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. November 05, 1939, Ware Co, Georgia.

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