(MOSES1) was born Bet. 1798 - 1803 in South Carolina - Liberty Co, Georgia, and died Bet. 1845 - 1850 in Appling Co, Georgia. He married RACHEL WEST. She was born Abt. 1805 in Barnwell District, South Carolina, and died June 1881 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
Some say Josiah was born on a specific date in 1802. I based his estimated years of birth on church records.
His death year is common knowledge as 1845. The person who started that found him in the 1840 census and saw he was gone by the 1850 census, looked at the latest listed birth of a child and concluded that he died in 1845. He could have died in 1850.
Josiah Westberry and wife Rachel united with Jones Creek Baptist Church and were members there until after they removed to Appling County. Due to the poorly-kept early records of the church it cannot be determined just when or how he joined, but he was a member in 1820 before he married.
They moved to Appling County about 1830 and settled in the 4th land district in the portion later detached and added to Wayne county. He died there in 1845. His widow died in June, 1881. They were buried at Bethel Baptist Church in Wayne county, where their graves are marked.
1850 Census, Appling Co, Georgia.
Rachel Westberry 1810/40; Charlton 1826/24; John 1831/19; Mary A. 1837/13; Justina (Julianna) 1839/11; Josiah 1841/9; Randall 1844/6.
Notes for RACHEL WEST:
In the 1850 census, Rachael is head of household.
In 1880 she is living alone and is listed as 75 YO, being born in Georgia.
Her father and mother are also listed as being born in Georgia.

i.THOMAS MILTON WESTBERRY, CSA, b. December 23, 1823, Appling Co, Georgia; d. May 1906, Worth Co, Georgia; m. (1) ALGYANN MEHALA SPELL; b. 1824, Georgia; d. August 21, 1875, Georgia; m. (2) WINIFRED V. KICKLIGHTER, January 08, 1878, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. May 1861, Georgia.
ii. WILLIAM CHARLTON WESTBERRY, b. October 16, 1825, Appling Co, Georgia; d. Bet. May 1862 - May 1869; m. MARTHA ANN BENNETT; b. 1838, Georgia; d. Aft. 1897, Georgia.
iii. ELIZABETH WESTBERRY, b. January 07, 1827, Appling Co, Georgia; d. 1861, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. BRAXTON BENNETT, June 1847, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. March 18, 1808, Bryan Co, Georgia; d. April 03, 1881, Wayne Co, Georgia.
iv. NANCY L. WESTBERRY, b. January 22, 1829, Appling Co, Georgia; d. March 16, 1906, Georgia; m. HENRY BENNETT; b. July 05, 1830, Appling Co, Georgia.
v. JOHN MOSES WESTBERRY, CSA, #, b. March 13, 1830, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. November 20, 1909, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. MATILDA ARNETT, December 22, 1852; b. July 05, 1837, Screven Co, Georgia; d. September 03, 1913, Wayne Co, Georgia.
vi. RACHAEL WESTBERRY, b. February 01, 1834, Appling Co, Georgia; d. December 12, 1917, Waycross, Georgia; m. RICHARD BENNETT, CSA, #; b. February 02, 1825, Appling Co, Georgia; d. February 16, 1891, Waycross, Georgia.
vii. MARY ANN WESTBERRY, b. November 09, 1837, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. March 03, 1923, Pierce Co, Georgia; m. ISHAM D. BENNETT, CSA, #; b. 1839, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. 1920.
viii. JUSTINA WESTBERRY, b. July 05, 1838, Appling Co, Georgia; m. MARTIN BENNETT; b. 1843.
ix. MOSES JOSIAH WESTBERRY, CSA, #, b. November 29, 1839, Appling Co, Georgia; d. June 03, 1903, Jesup, Georgia; m. MARY ANN WELCH, December 08, 1865, Wayne County, Georgia; b. July 06, 1847, Georgia; d. April 17, 1931, Wayne Co, Georgia.
x. JAMES RANDALL WESTBERRY, SR, CSA, #, b. July 18, 1844, Georgia; d. January 28, 1928, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. MELZINY BENNETT, June 06, 1867, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 06, 1848, Appling Co, Georgia; d. May 25, 1929, Wayne Co, Georgia.
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