(JOSIAH2, MOSES1) was born January 07, 1827 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died 1861 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She married BRAXTON BENNETT June 1847 in Wayne Co, Georgia, son of RICHARD BENNETT and MARY COOK. He was born March 18, 1808 in Bryan Co, Georgia, and died April 03, 1881 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Braxton Bennett, a prominent citizen of Wayne County in his day is the ancestor of a very large family connection through his twenty one children. He was born March 18, 1808 in Bryan County, son of Richard and Mary Bennett. In boyhood he was brought by his parents to Appling County and he grew up in the portion now Wayne County. He was married to Martha Hopps May 27, 1833 in Wayne County. She was born August 4, 1816, died June 20, 1846, and was a daughter of Richard Hopps. To them were born six children.
The second marriage was in June 1847 to Elizabeth Westberry, born 1827, daughter of Josiah Westberry of Wayne County. She died in 1861. They had seven children.
After the death of his second wife, Mr. Bennett married Miss Caroline Bozeman in 1863. To them were born eight children.
Mr. Bennett died at his home near Gardi, Wayne County, April 3, 1881. He and his wives were buried at Flint Branch Baptist Church in Wayne County.

i. DANIEL HOPPS BENNETT, b. May 05, 1848, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. December 27, 1907, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. MARY JULIA BRYAN, April 17, 1870; b. September 12, 1847, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. November 09, 1923, Wayne Co, Georgia.
ii. RACHEL BENNETT, b. October 29, 1849, Appling Co, Georgia; m. TIMOTHY ARNETT, CSA, #, February 18, 1868, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. August 11, 1844, Georgia; d. August 31, 1926, Georgia.
iii. ANDREW R. BENNETT, b. December 31, 1851, Ware Co, Georgia; d. April 27, 1935, Duval Co, Florida; m. FLORENCE HARRISON; b. July 02, 1857; d. November 28, 1937, Duval Co, Florida.
iv. NANCY BENNETT, b. November 21, 1854, Ware Co, Georgia; d. January 22, 1944, Ware Co, Georgia; m. DANIEL A. WILLIAMS, June 07, 1874; b. October 22, 1849; d. May 02, 1927, Ware Co, Georgia.
v. ELIZA BENNETT, b. February 11, 1857; m. ARCHIBALD MCNEIL.
vi. CHARLES FRANK BENNETT, b. December 01, 1859, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. October 25, 1940, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. MARY ALICE GINN, February 21, 1882; b. November 30, 1864, South Carolina; d. October 05, 1936, Wayne Co, Georgia.
vii. FRANCES ELIZABETH BENNETT, b. December 01, 1859, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. May 15, 1935, Tattnall Co, Georgia; m. (1) HOWELL KENNEDY; b. September 10, 1857; d. December 16, 1886; m. (2) ALFRED DANIEL SMITH, Abt. 1887; b. November 10, 1858, Tattnall Co, Georgia; d. December 04, 1904, Tattnall Co, Georgia.
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