(MOSES1) was born Abt. 1809 in Liberty Co, Georgia, and died Aft. 1870 in Lowndes or Brooks Co, Georgia. He married NANCY ANN ELIZABETH. She was born Abt. 1814 in Georgia, and died Aft. 1870 in Lowndes Co, Georgia area.
Jared Westberry was born abt 1810 in Tatnall County, Georgia. He was the son of Rev. Moses Westberry Sr. According to family members he was a farmer. Jared married Nancy A., b. 1814.
Jared received a warrant for 750 acres of land in Liberty Co., Georgia on Oct. 4, 1836. The land was surveyed on Oct. 19, 1836, and was situated on the bank of Beard's Creek. He received another grant on Sept. 14, 1839, then moved his family to Lowndes Co., Georgia. They stayed less than a year before moving to Hamilton Co., Florida where they raised their family.
Jared did not marry a Nancy Bennett. The Jared that married Nancy Bennett was a presumed son of Furman Westberry.
Jarod shows in the 1840 census with his brother Moses, Jr. in Lowndes Co, Georgia.
It is highly unlikely that his children were born in South Carolina as some so state. Too, with the grants in Liberty in Oct 1836 and in Sept 1839, it is again unlikely that he was living in South Carolina from 1836-1840.
In 1870, with the border problems between Echols, Lowndes and Hamilton Co, Florida, it would be hard to say which county he was in.

1840 Census shows Jarod with 3 Males, 3 females.
1850 Census, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
Jarod, 1809/41; Nancy A., 1814/36; Nancy A. E., 1833/17; James M., 1836/14; Mariah, 1838/12; William S., 1840/10; Mary, 1842/8; Martha, 1842/8; Sarah J., 1845/5; Sevellen, 1847/3; Georgianna, 1849/1.
1860 Census, Jasper, Hamilton County, Florida, June 22.
Jerry Westbury, 52, Born in GA, Farmer; Nancy, 45, Born in GA; William S., 20, Born in GA; Martha, 18, Born in GA; Mary, 18, Born in FL; Martha, 17, Born in FL; Sevillin, 14, Born in FL; George, 11, Born in FL; Lavinia, 7, Born in FL; Elizabeth, 5, Born in FL. (It appears that Martha was entered twice.)
1870 Census, Lowndes Co, Georgia
Jared, 61; Nancy, 50; Sevellin, 23; Georgia Ann, 20; Levinia, 18; Elizabeth, 16; Fermon, 2; Janice, 1.

Fermon and Janice are of unknown parentage. It is possible, and practical, that these two children are the children out of wedlock by one of the daughters, Lavinia.
Notes for NANCY ANN ELIZABETH: Nancy was probably a Deas/Dees.

i. NANCY ANN ELIZABETH WESTBERRY, b. 1833, Georgia; m. HANSFORD HERNDON, CSA, October 27, 1850, Hamiliton Co, Florida; b. December 12, 1832, South Carolina; d. January 27, 1864, CSA Service.
1860 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
Hansford, 28 SC; Nancy, 26 GA; Charles, 9 GA; Elizabeth, 6 GA; Allen, 3; Susanna, 5/12.
1870 Census, Outside of Jasper, Hamilton County, Florida, August 10.
Herndon, Nancy W., 35, Keeps House; Charles, 19, Works Farm; Allen, 15, Works Farm; Elizabeth, 13; Susan, 10; Harriet, 8.
ii. JAMES MADISON WESTBERRY, CSA, b. 1836, Liberty Co, Georgia; d. 1899, Echols Co, Georgia; m. MARY CATHERINE "KATIE" HIERS, March 05, 1854, Hamilton Co, Florida; b. Abt. 1834, Quitman, Georgia; d. 1912, Echols Co, Georgia.
1860 Census, Brooks Co, Georgia
James Westberry, 25; Catherine, 28; William, 5; Berrian, 4-(Berrian Madison); Robert, 3; Ann, 1--Nickname for Nancy.
1870 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
James Westberry, 35; Mary, 36; Berry, 15; Laura, 12-Nancy Laura; Robert, 10; John, 8; Sallie, 5.
1880 Census, Brooks Co, Georgia.
J. M. Westberry, 44; Catherine, 46; B. M., 24; Nancy, 25; Sallie, 14; Mitchell, 10; Anna, 6.
iii. MARIAH "MARIA" WESTBERRY, b. 1838, Georgia; m. (1) WILLIAM F. FISHBURN, May 02, 1854, Hamiliton Co, Florida; m. (2) WESTLEY CHITTY, Abt. 1890.

iv. WILLIAM S. WESTBERRY, CSA, #, b. 1840, Lowndes Co, Georgia; d. October 04, 1873, Brooks Co, Georgia; m. MARTHA HIERS, January 03, 1864, Hamiliton Co, Florida; b. 1840, Brooks Co, Georgia; d. August 23, 1931, Brooks Co, Georgia.
1880 Census, Morven, Brooks County, Georgia, July 16.
Westberry, Martha, 45, Keeping House; G. J., Son, 17, Works on Farm; William, Son, 13, Works on Farm; James, Son, 15, Works on Farm; Walter, Son, 11, Works on Farm; Malphea, Dau., 8.
1920 Census, Brooks Co, Georgia.
Martha Westberry, 77-Mother in law, living with S. L. Hall.
v. MARY (TWIN) WESTBERRY, b. 1842, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
vi. MARTHA (TWIN) WESTBERRY, b. 1842, Hamiliton Co, Florida; m. JAMES GILL, February 04, 1863, Hamiliton Co, Florida; b. 1827.
vii. SARAH ANN WESTBERRY, b. 1845, Hamiliton Co, Florida; m. SAMUEL ELKINS DOWNING, January 16, 1859, Hamiliton Co, Florida; b. Abt. 1835.
viii. SEVELIN WESTBERRY, b. 1847, Hamiliton Co, Florida.
ix. GEORGIANA WESTBERRY, b. 1849, Hamiliton Co, Florida; m. RENATUS DOWNING, February 12, 1873; b. Abt. 1850.
x. LAVINA WESTBERRY, b. 1853, Hamiliton Co, Florida; d. 1878, Lowndes Co, Georgia; m. (1) UNKNOWN, Abt. 1868; m. (2) WILLIAM STANFILL, January 28, 1871; d. Bef. 1878, Georgia.
xi. ELIZABETH WESTBERRY, b. April 1855, Hamilton Co, Florida; d. Abt. 1907, Clinch Co, Georgia; m. JESSE SINEATH STEEDLEY, Abt. 1876, Georgia; b. November 1855, Ware Co, Georgia; d. Aft. 1910, Clinch Co, Georgia.

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