A list of blood relations of Moses Westberry that served in the Armed Forces. For those killed in action or died from their injuries, go here.

Roll Of Honour
Duty, Honour, Country










 lf ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude better than the animated contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or your arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen. --Samuel Adams

War of Northern Aggression

 After four years of arduous service, marked by unsurpassed courage and fortitude, the Army of Northern Virginia has been compelled to yield to overwhelming numbers and resources.
I need not tell the survivors of so many hard-fought battles who have remained steadfast to the last that I have consented to this result from no distrust of them; but feeling that valor and devotion could accomplish nothing that could compensate for the loss that would have attended the continuance of the contest, I determined to avoid the useless sacrifice of those whose past services have endeared them to their countrymen. By the terms of the agreement, officers and men can return to their homes and remain until exchanged.
You may take with you the satisfaction that proceeds from the consciousness of duty faithfully performed, and I earnestly pray that a merciful God will extend to you his blessing and protection.
With an unceasing admiration of your constancy and devotion to your country, and a grateful remembrance of your kind and generous consideration of myself, I bid you all an affectionate farewell.
Robert E. Lee
10th April 1865
Head Quarters Army Northern Virginia
General Order No 9

John Moses Westberry Josiah CSA WONA
Moses Josiah Westberry Josiah CSA WONA
James Randall Westberry Josiah CSA WONA
Caleb Westberry Noah CSA WONA
Rabun Westberry Moses, SR CSA WONA
Simeon Westberry Rabun CSA WONA
Adoniram Judson Westberry Moses, Jr CSA WONA
John S. Westberry Moses, Jr CSA WONA

Nothing fills me with deeper sadness than to see a Southerner apologize for the defense we made for our heritage...
President Jefferson Davis
James Madison Westberry Jarod CSA WONA
Furman Westberry Moses, SR CSA WONA
Thomas Milton Westberry, Sr Josiah CSA WONA
Albert Westberry Caleb CSA WONA
Richard Westberry Noah CSA WONA
Richard H. Strickland Elizabeth CSA WONA
James Harris Julia Ann CSA WONA
Allen Clary Noah CSA WONA

 "Governor, if I had foreseen the use those people designed to make of their victory, there would have been no surrender at Appomattox Courthouse; no sir, not by me. Had I foreseen the results of subjugation, I would have preferred to die at Appomattox with my brave men, my sword in this right hand."--
Gen. Robert E. Lee to Gov. Stockdale of Texas


An old Rebel soldier sleeps beneath Georgia clay
-Dressed up in a suit of Confederate Gray;
Below a cold tombstone that's weathered and worn
-He lies there, alone, near the place he was born...
His bright eyes are shut now, but they can still see
The fighting ghost armies of Robert E. Lee...
His deaf ears still hear the faint marching of feet
-Still keeping in step to a ghost-drummer's beat;
His Southern voice silenced since the day that he fell
-Is still screaming out with a ghost-rebel yell...
His wife is still waiting with their new baby boy
-To welcome her hero with kisses of joy...
 But, the old Rebel soldier (From Company "A")
Has joined a ghost legion where his soul must now stay...
And, on his cold finger, there's a gold wedding band
-He hopes his young wife will somehow understand;
She waits for him still and she's crying ghost tears
-For, the man that she loves has been gone for years;
But, her old Rebel soldier sleeps beneath Georgia clay
-Dressed up in a suit of Confederate Gray.

-Robert Westberry

Carl L. Knight Elizabeth UNKNOWN WWI
William Allen Clary Noah ARMY WWI
Calvin Frank Harris Julia Ann ARMY WWI
Gordon Frederick Westberry Noah ARMY WWI
Stafford Quinton Westberry Noah ARMY WWI
Alex M. Westberry Furman NAVY WWI
Jared Clifton Westberry Furman ARMY WWI
Carlos Thomas Westberry Furman ARMY  
William Alvin Westberry Josiah ARMY WWI
James Colon Jones Josiah UNKNOWN WWI
Albert McDonald Thornton Josiah ARMY WWI
Barney Freeman Bennett Josiah NAVY  
Richard Clinton Westberry Noah ARMY WWI
Carlos Ferdinand Westberry, Sr Josiah ARMY WWI
Loren Howell Westberry Jarod NAVY WWI
Dewey Lawton Westberry Moses, Jr ARMY WWI
Zebedee Westberry Jarod ARMY WWI
Jessie Leroy Westberry Jarod ARMY WWI
Lonnie Jefferson Westberry Furman ARMY WWI
Peter Clinton Westberry Furman ARMY Pre-WWI
J. Edward Clary Noah ARMY WWI
William Moses Westberry, Jr Jarod ARMY WWI
 John Westbury Moses Jr ARMY WWI
Emory L. Ammons Josiah NAVY WWII
Alvin Lawton Westberry Moses, Jr ARMY WWII
John Earl Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Larry Cecil Westberry  Noah & Rabun ARMY WWII
Hugh Estelle Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
George Washington Westberry Rabun NAVY SHIP DUTY
Thomas Westberry Furman Merchant Marine WWII
Cecil David Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Clinton James Westberry Furman USCG WWII
Otis Delean Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
John D. Westberry Furman NAVY WWII
Thomas E. Westberry, Sr Josiah ARMY WWII
Henry Marvin Westberry Furman USNR WWII
Roy K. Reddish Noah NAVY WWII
William Thomas Clary, Jr Noah USNR  
Robert Smith Westberry, Sr Noah USNR WWII
James Columbus Westberry Jarod ARMY NAT GUARD WWII
Elton Eugene Cameron, Sr Josiah & Noah ARMY WWII
Andrew Jackson Westberry, Jr Josiah (Moses J.) US MIL WWII
Andrew Jackson Westberry III  Josiah (Moses J.) NAVY  
Andrew Jackson Westberry, Jr Josiah (James R.) ARMY WWII
Jesse M. Clark, Jr Noah ARMY WWII
Earl F. Westberry Noah ARMY WWII
John Wylder Westberry Noah USAAF WWII
Harry Taylor Westberry Noah ARMY WWII
Cecil James Westberry Noah ARMY WWII
Royal Deen Westberry Noah ARMY WWII
Durward Carlton Westberry Noah NAVY WWII
James Melvin Griffis Noah ARMY WWII
Gordon Luther Griffis Noah ARMY WWII
Caleb Madison Westberry, Jr Noah NAVY WWII
Albert Watson Westberry Rabun ARMY WWII
Richard Marion Westberry Noah & Josiah ARMY WWII
William Henry Westberry Furman NAVY .
Colan Eugene Westberry Furman USMC WWII
Charlie Nolan Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Cecil Morris Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Paul Augustus Westberry, Jr Furman NAVY WWII
Woodrow Wilson Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Gordon Mark Westberry Jarod ARMY WWII
Randall Steedley Jarod ARMY WWII
Vernie Steedley Jarod ARMY WWII
Roy Howe Westberry Josiah US MIL WWII
Terrance E. Westberry Josiah ARMY  
Darwin Stanley Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Benjamin Hill Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Henry H. Jones Josiah ARMY WWII
Harry W. Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Malcolm Clyde Westberry, Sr Josiah ARMY WWII
Coy Lee Westberry Josiah NAVY WWII
John Aaron Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Willie Westberry Josiah NAVY WWII
Owen Leonard Westberry, Jr Jarod NAVY WWII/VNAM
Doyle L. Thornton Josiah NAVY WWII
Wilburn Louis Westberry Moses, Jr ARMY WWII/KOREA
Morrison Lee Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII/KOREA
Howard Judson Westbury Moses, Jr CANADIAN ARMY WWII
Roy Westbury Moses, Jr CANADIAN ARMY WWII
James Otto Westberry Furman USAAF WWII
Rannel Orbon Westberry Rabun NAVY WWII
Eugene Westberry Rabun ARMY  
Paul Ashton Newman Furman   WWII
James Frederick Newman Furman   WWII
Herbert Uvalde Newman Furman   WWII
Willard Stanley Newman Furman   WWII
Ernest Jerrad Westberry Furman USMC/USAAF WWII
Alvin Eugene Clary Noah ARMY  
John C. Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Bennett S. Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Clarence L. Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Julian C. Hires Furman NAVY WWII
Malachi J. Harper IV Josiah ARMY AIR CORP WWII
Cecil Westberry Noah ARMY WWII
Willar Blanche Westberry Josiah NAVY-WAVES WWII
James Aubrey Westberry Josiah USAAF WWII
Enes Leslie Westberry Josiah USMC WWII
Dorsey Emory Westberry Josiah ARMY WWII
Lesley Roy Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Felder Lution Westberry Josiah NAVY WWII
Julian Burton Roberson, Jr Noah USMC  
Irvin A. Westberry Jarod ARMY WWII
Henry Jefferson Westberry Caleb ARMY  
Barney Westberry Caleb ARMY WWII-POW
Artise Walter Westberry, Jr Jarod ARMY, Ret. WWII/KOREA
Frank Herrin Furman ARMY WWII
Isham Herrin Furman ARMY WWII
Emory Lee Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Alvin Henry Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Owen Estes Clary Noah NAVY WWII
Edward Parker Westberry Furman ARMY WWII
Lester Jones Josiah USAAF WWII
Fane Harris Westberry Jarod USAAF WWII
Clifford Westberry (William Fennon) Jarod ARMY WWII
Kenloch Faulkner Westberry, Jr Josiah ARMY  WWII
Leonard Cecil Westberry Jarod USCG WWII
Lloyd Ralph Westberry Jarod ARMY WWII
Thomas M. Westberry Josiah NAVY WWII
Henry Lavelle Westberry Caleb ARMY Killed in Korea-1966
William Elmer Westberry Josiah ARMY KOREA
Hilton Ray Westberry Jarod ARMY KOREA
Harold Frank Westberry Furman ARMY KOREA
Warren D. Westberry Noah ARMY KOREA
Donald Ray Newman, Sr Furman   KOREA
James Doyle Westberry Josiah ARMY  
William Eugene Grantham Furman ARMY KOREA
Jimmy Winfield Grantham Furman ARMY KOREA
Clifford S.Westberry, Jr Josiah ARMY WWII/KOREA
Lamar Westberry Jarod ARMY WWII
David Monroe Westberry Josiah & Noah ARMY  
Harold Deen Westberry Josiah USAF KOREA 
Benny Connell, Sr. Jarod ARMY  
James Edward Lynn Josiah USAF 1951-54
Dewey Lee Westberry Rabun ARMY KOREA
Ralph Westberry Jarod ARMY  
Lamar Westberry Josiah ARMY  
Theo Sim Westberry Rabun USAF KOREA/NAM
Mack A. Westberry Rabun ARMY KOREA
James Luther Stokes Elizabeth USMC  
Gerald Lamar Stokes Elizabeth USAF VIETNAM
David H. Westberry Noah USAF  
Hollister A. Thornton, Jr Noah NAVY  
William Lloyd Harris Julia Ann ANG  
Lloyd Arnold Harris Julia Ann ANG  
William F. Johnson III Noah USAF  
Lamar J. Dent Noah ARMY  
Leon Smith Westberry Noah ARMY  
Mary Elizabeth Westberry Noah ARMY  
Wendell G. Westberry, Sr Noah ARMY  
Thomas Andrew Westberry, Jr Jarod USAF  
David Frank Bynam Noah ARMY  
Richard Clinton Westberry, Jr Noah & Josiah USAF  
Jackie Welbourne Strickland Elizabeth ARMY  
Richard Eugene Stokes Elizabeth ARMY  
Jesse Willard Clary Noah NAVY  
James Clinton Cameron Josiah NAVY  
Andrew Jackson Westberry III Josiah NAVY  

Harvey Almon Westberry Josiah USAF  
William Timothy Westberry Josiah ARMY  
Joseph Richard Jones Josiah NAVY  
Ellis Everett Thornton Josiah USAF  
Guyton Paul Swindell Rabun USCG  
Charles Frederick Westberry Rabun ARMY  
David Alan Westberry Rabun ARMY  
Lamar Westberry Noah ARMY  
James P. Thornton Josiah ARMY  
Loy Albert Westberry, Jr Josiah ARMY  
Darrell Michael Westberry Furman NAVY  
Allen Eugene Westberry, Jr. Furman USMC  
Charles Albion Westberry Furman NAVY  
Pauline Donna Westberry Furman USAF  
Dorval Ray Westberry Noah ARMY  
James Cleon Westberry Jarod ARMY KOREA
Suzanne Patricia Johnson Josiah NAVY  
Hayden C. Westberry Josiah NAVY  
Bryant L. Westberry Noah ARMY  
Kelly T. Clary Noah ARMY  
Joe Vernon Westberry Josiah USAF  
William Kenneth Westberry Furman NAVY  
James Raymond Lynn Josiah NAVY/USAF  
Stephen Westbrook Josiah & Noah USAF GERMANY
Glenn Craig Westberry Rabun ARMY  
John B. Jones Noah ARMY  
Brian David Salat Noah NAVY  
Claude Bellflower, Jr Jarod NAVY  
 John Garland Westberry Furman ARMY  
Jimmy Loran Carter Jarod ARMY  
Larry Crawford Carter Jarod USAF  
James Paul Westberry Jarod ARMY  
Kenneth Ralph Westberry Furman ARMY  
Alton Lavern Westberry Furman ARMY  
Warren A. Hires Josiah USMC  
James Robert Westberry (Artise W., Jr) Jarod ARMY  
Robert F. Pruitt Josiah ARMY VNAM
George Omer Westberry Josiah USAF VNAM
Keith Westberry Jarod USMC VNAM
John Franklin Lynn Josiah USAF SW ASIA
Randy Scott Westberry Jarod USMC VNAM
Rannel Elmore Westberry Rabun ARMY VNAM
Dallan Orbon Westberry Rabun ARMY VNAM
Calbert Westberry Noah ARMY VNAM
David Monroe Westberry, Jr Josiah & Noah USMC VNAM
Mikell Dale Touchton Jarod NAVY VNAM
Charles Edward Westberry Jarod USAF VNAM
Donald E. Westberry Noah ARMY VNAM
Eldred LaVaughn Westberry, Jr Noah NAVY VNAM
Alan Strickland Elizabeth ARMY VNAM
Richard Eugene Westberry Furman US MIL VNAM
Allen Eugene Westberry, Sr Furman USAF VNAM
Cecil Morris Westberry, Jr Furman USMC VNAM
James Quentin Herrin Noah NAVY VNAM
Clarence Ronald Westberry Josiah USMC VNAM
John Stokes Albritton Josiah ARMY .
McGlohon Westberry, Jr Josiah ARMY  
James Carlton Westberry Jarod USAF  
Remer A. Hughes Jarod NAVY  
Joseph Michael Logan Noah USAF  
James Owen Westberry Jarod USAF Persian Gulf
LisaKay Westberry Rabun NAVY KOSOVO
Steve Allen Westberry Josiah NAVY Persian Gulf
Jerry Mitchell Carter, Jr Jarod NAVY DES. STORM
Melissa Ann Jipson Furman NAVY DES. STORM
Hal H. Westberry  Josiah USAF-Career DES. STORM
Jerry J. Westberry Jarod ARMY DES. STORM
Eric Shelton McCall Josiah ARMY WEST POINT
Christopher Brian McCall Josiah ARMY WEST POINT
John E. Williams Jarod USMC  
Jeremy R. Williams Jarod ARMY  

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