(HUMPHREY2, RICHARD1) was born 1853 in Georgia, and died 1930 in Florida. She married GEORGE WASHINGTON DRAWDY February 10, 1870 in Georgia, son of JAMES DRAWDY and ELIZABETH HARPER. He was born May 08, 1848 in Wayne Co, Georgia, and died February 17, 1926 in Florida.


i. ALBERT H. DRAWDY, b. May 04, 1871, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. March 04, 1947, Florida; m. (1) INDIANA ARNOLD; b. 1876, Lowndes Co, Georgia; d. May 22, 1961, Florida; m. (2) LULA MOBLEY, September 05, 1894; b. Florida.
ii. HORACE G. DRAWDY, b. 1874, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. NANCY V. CARTER.
iii. VIOLA DRAWDY, b. 1875.
iv. VINNIE DRAWDY, b. 1877, Florida; m. NEWTON KELLY.
v. FRANCES M. DRAWDY, b. 1880, Florida; m. ELI J. ROBINSON; b. 1874.
vi. LEE ANDREW DRAWDY, b. December 24, 1881, Florida; d. April 21, 1954; m. JULIA ELIZABETH POSEY; b. 1885, Florida.
vii. ELLIOTT LEE DRAWDY, b. January 31, 1884, Florida.
viii. LATAMORE M. DRAWDY, b. January 31, 1884, Florida; m. MINNIE; b. 1897.
ix. LILLIE M. DRAWDY, b. 1888, Florida; d. 1968; m. ARTHUR A. DEAN; b. 1886, Georgia.
x. ROBERT ADINO DRAWDY, b. October 13, 1892, Florida; d. January 05, 1974; m. EVA E. MIZELL; b. 1900, Florida.
xi. GEORGE WASHINGTON DRAWDY, JR, b. January 27, 1895.

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