Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia
Banner Thomas, forefather of most of the name in Ware and Pierce Counties, was born in South Carolina in 1785. His wife, Mary, was born in Georgia in 1793. The parentage or early place or places of residence of neither of them are known at this time. The family moved to Georgia before 1790 but where they first lived in this state has not been ascertained. Banner Thomas and wife Mary had five sons and five daughters in the 1830 census.
Banner Thomas and family lived for several years in Liberty and McIntosh counties. He and his wife united with Jones Creek Baptist Church in Liberty (now Long) County, in April 1823, and were baptized, according to the church's records; they were later dismissed by letter, and received by letter into High Bluff Primitive Baptist Church (now in Brantley County), he being received Jan. 7, 1832, and she on June 9, 1832. They died members there and were buried in the cemetery there.
The 1820 Census shows Banner Thomas and family living in McIntosh County, but he registered in 1825 for the 1827 Land Lottery as a resident of Liberty County, 16th district. Together with his brothers, Lewis and James R. Thomas, and with others of the family connection including the Waldrons, they moved from Liberty County to Ware County about 1829-30, and settled in the 9th land district. Banner Thomas lived there until his death about 1865. He was cut out of Ware into Pierce County in 1858.
Mr. Thomas served for several years beginning in 1839, as Captain of the militia in the 590th militia district, Ware County, and was generally called "Capt. Thomas" from this circumstance. He served as a Justice of Ware Inferior Court, 1837-1845.