From the bio sketch of John Goldwire, Sr in the Pioneers of Wiregrass.
John Goldwire, the son, apparently was never married. He was appointed Magistrate of St. Mathews Parish, July 2, 1776. In August, 1782, was adjudged guilty of treason and declared ineligible to vote or hold any office in Georgia for three years after the war; this was reduced to amercement August 3, 1782, by him paying 12% penalty on all he owned. In July, 1783, his request for relief was denied. He apparently had dealt with the Tories during the time they had overrun Effingham County. He made a deed of gift to his nephew, James King, Dec. 26, 1812, for all his lands, slaves, cattle, household goods, etc., (deed book "G", page 208, Effingham County). Among the tracts of land was a 100-acre tract granted to him as John Goldwire, Jr., June 16, 1766.