William Morgan.
He married Frances Hendricks, daughter of Soloman Hendricks.

Child of William Morgan and Frances Hendricks is:
+ 2 i. Soloman Morgan.
Generation No. 2
2. Soloman Morgan (William1)

Child of Soloman Morgan is:
+ 3 i. Soloman Morgan, RS, #, born 1765; died 1819.
Generation No. 3
3. Soloman Morgan, RS, # (Soloman2, William1) was born 1765, and died 1819. He married Roxalena.
Notes for Soloman Morgan, RS, #:
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
SOLOMON MORGAN, a Revolutionary patriot, was born about 1765 in North Carolina on Morgan's Creek near Chapel Hill, a son of Solomon Morgan and grandson of William Morgan and his wife, Frances Hendricks. The latter was a daughter of Solomon Hendricks. Solomon Morgan moved to Cheraw District, South Carolina where he was very active during the Revolutionary struggle in procuring rifles, muskets, etc. After the War he moved with his family to Georgia where he first appears on the tax digest and jury rolls of Glynn County as early as 1790-1795. Screven County records show the family there in 1796. Deed appears of record there dated March 16, 1796 from William L. Mobley and his wife, Patience, to Solomon Morgan, all parties being residents of Screven County, conveying 147 acres for a consideration of 100# (Deed Book A, page 260). On the next page (p. 261) is a deed from Solomon Morgan joined by his wife, Rocksaleny, to James Oliver, dated January 13, 1800, for the same land; consideration $515.00. Camden County deed records show that he was a resident of Hancock County November 1, 1806, when he bought Lot 135, 1st District of original Wayne County from George Runnels of Hancock County. On October 5, 1808, while a resident of Putnam County, he deeded this land to Matthew Hankins of Jones County (Deed Book "11", pp. 125, 141, Camden County).
Later he moved to Wayne County where it appears he was engaged in cutting and floating logs in rafts down the Altamaha River to Darien for export. He died in Wayne County in 1819. His son, Elihu Morgan, applied for administration November Term 1819, Wayne Inferior Court, but no further mention appears of the estate.
Mrs. Morgan's name was Roxalena, as already indicated, but her maiden name has not been learned. She moved to Appling County and lived on the Altamaha River in the portion of Appling now in Wayne County, and appears in Appling County Census of 1820 as a widow, head of a family. In the 1830 Census of Appling, she again appears as head of a family, and her age is indicated as between 60 and 70 years. She spent her last years with her son, William Brice Morgan, in Appling County and died there about 1840.
All of the children with their families, except William B. Morgan and Mrs. Mobley, moved to what is now Clinch and Echols Counties before 1850. Elihu died in Echols County, Thomas and John L. in Clinch County, and Joseph L. and Solomon W. died in Florida.

Children of Soloman Morgan and Roxalena are:
+ 4 i. Elihu Morgan, #, born 1795 in Georgia; died April 1869 in Echols Co, Georgia.
+ 5 ii. Thomas Morgan, #, born 1796 in South Carolina; died September 10, 1877 in Clinch Co, Georgia.
+ 6 iii. Solomon W. Morgan, #, born 1799 in Screvin Co, Georgia; died 1854 in Hamilton Co, Florida.
7 iv. Roxalena Morgan, born 1800.
+ 8 v. John L. Morgan, #, born 1802 in Glynn Co, Georgia; died July 28, 1888 in Homerville, Georgia.
+ 9 vi. Joseph L. Morgan, #, born 1804 in Glynn Co, Georgia; died 1876 in Inverness, Florida.
10 vii. William Brice Morgan, born 1805.
Generation No. 4
4. Elihu Morgan, # (Soloman3, Soloman2, William1) was born 1795 in Georgia, and died April 1869 in Echols Co, Georgia. He married (1) Verlinda Nesmith, daughter of James Nesmith and Elizabeth Handley. She was born 1801, and died Abt. 1829. He married (2) Dency Smith March 03, 1830 in Screvin Co, Georgia, daughter of Archibald Smith and Mary. She was born 1807 in Georgia, and died Abt. 1865.
Notes for Elihu Morgan, #:
1850 Census, Clinch Co, Georgia.
Elihu Morgan 55; Dency 43; Elihu 18; Mary 16; John 10; Joseph 7; Dency 4; Julia A. 5/12; Mary Smith 65.
1860 Census, Echols Co, Georgia.
Elihu Morgan 65; Dency 52; John 20; Joseph 17; Dicey 14; Julia 10; Daniel BROWN 21.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Elihu Morgan, oldest son of Solomon Morgan, was born in Georgia in 1795. He was married three times but had issue by only the first two marriages. The first marriage was in Screven County 1820 to Miss Verlinda "Linnie" Nesmith, a daughter of James Nesmith, R. S., of that county. They had five children. Then after her death, he was married in Screven County March 3, 1830 to Miss Dency Smith, born 1807 in Georgia, daughter of Archibald and Dency Smith.
Mr. Morgan lived several years in Screven County after marriage. He was Justice of Peace, 34th district, there, 1815-1829. In 1831 he moved to Appling County and lived there until about 1845. he moved to what was then Lowndes County and settled on the east side of the Alapaha River not far from the Florida line. In 1850 he was cut out of Lowndes into the new County of Clinch, and in 1858 out of Clinch into Echols County. He died at his home there in April 1869.
Following the death of his second wife about 1865, Mr. Morgan was married in Hamilton County, Florida, September 12, 1867 to Mrs. Roxie Starling Bass, widow of Eli Bass and daughter of Levi Starling. She survived Mr. Morgan and later married Thomas Mathis.
Mr. Morgan was Justice of Peace, 583rd district, Appling County, 1833 and again 1838-1840; and served as a Justice of Appling Inferior Court, 1835-1837.
In 1833 Mr. Morgan and his wife Dency became members of old Goose Creek Baptist Church in Appling County, but whether by letter or on profession of faith cannot now be determined. He was associational delegate from that church in 1834 and 1835. On moving to what is now Echols County, they became members by letter of Bethel Primitive Baptist Church in Hamilton County, Florida February 28, 1846. He was immediately elected Church Clerk and served twelve years in that capacity. He was ordained a deacon in that church August 1, 1846. Then in the organization of Hebron Primitive Baptist Church, he and his wife transferred their memberships there April 1st, 1858. Both died members there.
Mr. Morgan served in the War of 1812 as a private in a detachment of Wayne County militia under Capt. Jonathan Knight in 1813, and also as a private in a calvary detachment under Capt. Richard H. Thomas from Pulaski County, in 1814, which was sent out to reconnoiter along the then Wayne County frontier.
The Morgan estate was administered by his son, Elihu Morgan, Jr., and a friend, Capt. James W. Staten. Mr. Morgan and his wife Dency were buried on his old home place; graves unmarked.

Children of Elihu Morgan and Verlinda Nesmith are:
11 i. Nancy Morgan, born 1821 in Screven Co, Georgia. She married James Burnham.
+ 12 ii. Thomas Charles Morgan, #, born 1822 in Appling Co, Georgia; died 1879 in Baker Co, Florida.
+ 13 iii. Roxalena J. Morgan, born 1826 in Screvin Co, Georgia; died July 18, 1900.
+ 14 iv. Martha Morgan, born 1826 in Appling Co, Georgia.
+ 15 v. Parthena Morgan, born 1829 in Georgia; died November 07, 1892 in Hamilton Co, Florida.

Children of Elihu Morgan and Dency Smith are:
16 i. Elihu Morgan, Jr, born 1832. He married Martha Sirmans; born 1834.
17 ii. Mary Morgan, born 1834. She married Soloman Rouse February 02, 1851.
18 iii. John L. Morgan, born 1840; died Abt. 1867.
19 iv. Joseph Morgan, born 1843. He married Sarah Coalson.
20 v. Dency Morgan, born 1846. She married Hezikiah Roberts.
21 vi. Julia A. Morgan, born 1850. She married Isham Doss Clayton.
5. Thomas Morgan, # (Soloman3, Soloman2, William1) was born 1796 in South Carolina, and died September 10, 1877 in Clinch Co, Georgia. He married (1) Judith Harris, daughter of Thompson Harris and Nancy Ursery. She was born 1814, and died Abt. 1828. He married (2) Elizabeth Hall May 13, 1830 in Tattnall Co, Georgia. She was born 1815 in South Carolina, and died Aft. September 1896 in Georgia.
Notes for Thomas Morgan, #:
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Thomas Morgan, son of Solomon and Roxalena, was born in South Carolina in 1796 and died at the home of his son, Jonathan L. Morgan in Clinch county, September 10, 1877. He grew up mostly in Glynn and Wayne counties and was married in Appling county about 1821 to Miss Judith Harris, daughter of Thompson Harris. She died without issue about 1828. Then on May 13, 1830 in Tattnall County, he married Miss Elizabeth Hall, born 1815 in South Carolina, daughter of Thomas Hall of that county. She died at the home of her son, Jonathan L. Morgan, 1890.
The son, David, went out West as a gold prospector and spent a number of years there. He was committed to the Arizona Insane Hospital May 2, 1907, and died there.
The Morgan home before moving to Clinch County in 1858 was in the present Odum district of present Wayne County but which territory was then Appling County. There Mr. Morgan had a large plantation and lived in rather affluent circumstances. He sold out and moved to Clinch County and bought two lots of land in the 1141st militia district, and lived there and farmed until his last few years. All the Morgans removed to Clinch County except Mrs. Reddish who remained in the old home community.
Mr. Morgan's only civil office was that of Justice of Peace in the 583rd district, Appling County, 1829-1831. The graves of Mr. and Mrs. Morgan are unmarked and in an old field on their old home place.

Children of Thomas Morgan and Elizabeth Hall are:
22 i. Davi5 Morgan, born 1831; died June 10, 1909.
23 ii. Jonathan L. Morgan, born 1832. He married Susan Hargraves; born 1835.
+ 24 iii. Ellen Morgan, born 1836 in Appling Co, Georgia; died July 25, 1925 in Clinch Co, Georgia.
+ 25 iv. Emily Morgan, born 1837; died Bef. 1870.
+ 26 v. Thomas F. Morgan, CSA, #, born February 09, 1838 in Appling Co, Georgia; died May 05, 1913 in Homerville, Georgia.
+ 27 vi. Martin Z. Morgan, CSA, #, born September 02, 1839 in Appling Co, Georgia; died November 25, 1911 in Ware Co, Georgia.
28 vii. Soloman Morgan, born 1842.
29 viii. Nancy Morgan, born 1844. She married Isham Patterson.