Descendants of


I have added the research from others to what little I had on the
Westbury Family of South Carolina
and am posting it on these pages. There are still over 200 families to be entered.
When Google picks it up, we will start getting in more info.
(I'm a very slow typer, so it will be awhile)
There are numerous people to thank for this research, but the primary one is Harriet Scherer.
In addition to the voluminous document she sent me, she also sent a few pictures.
We will be adding a pictures and tombstone/marker folder as soon as we can gather the
required items, namely the pictures. So please send them.
Remember while going through this information, that some of it is NOT confirmed,
some will never be confirmed due to loss of records through floods, wars and outright...
In some cases we have used the best circumstantial evidence to connect the families.
If you have something to add or can correct what is here, everyone will appreciate it.
We want it to be as factual as possible.
Eventually I will set it up the way I did the Moses Westberry site, but
more info is needed.
You will find some of the name spellings different in places. Use your own preference.

All information and pictures on are ©2002-2004 by Moses Westbury.
You have permission to use it for personal use only.