(RICHARD FURMAN2, MOSES1) was born February 26, 1842 in Georgia, and died September 11, 1880 in Wayne Co, Georgia. She married ALFRED CUTHERBERT STRICKLAND, CSA, #, son of JAMES STRICKLAND and SENETH EVERS. He was born January 15, 1831 in Georgia, and died June 27, 1910 in Georgia.
Pioneers of Wiregrass Georgia.
Alfred's father, James Strickland, was born in Georgia in 1794. Names of his parents unknown. His wife was Seneth Evers, born 1809 in Georgia. She was a sister of Solomon Evers of Appling County, but otherwise her family antecedents are unknown.
Mr. Strickland moved to Appling County in the 1830s, and settled in the 443rd district. After his death in 1867 or 1868, the heirs consisting of A. C. Strickland, Mrs. Bowers, Mrs. Whitehead and Mrs. Griffis made a deed of gift to their sister, Mrs. McClain, for the home-place consisting of 100 acres of lot 179, 3rd land district Appling County.
Nancy (Westberry) Strickland died in 1879 and is buried in the Red Hill Cemetery, near Jesup, Georgia. Alfred C. Strickland then married Miss Mary Etta Dryden, the daughter of William Dryden and Elizabeth Thompson. She was born on April 14,1860 and they were married on April 8, 1882.
Alfred served in the Civil War and was disabled by a bad leg.
"Molly" (Dryden) Strickland died on October 25, 1905 and Alfred C. Strickland died in 1910. They are buried in the Red Hill Cemetery near Jesup, Georgia. Red Hill Church and cemetery are on land granted by the government to Asenath (Evers) Strickland. She gave this small piece to her black servants to bury their people.
STRICKLAND, Alfred Cutherbert, born January 15, 1831, in Old Fort James, Wayne County, GA. and died June 27, 1910, in Jesup, GA. Alfred married, (1.) Nancy F. Westberry and , (2.) Mary Etta Dryden. Alfred was paroled at Thomasville, GA May 19, 1865.
"One of the family stories is that Alfred was severely injured during a skirmish between Yankee gunboats and the 4th GA Cavalry. Upon researching the 4th GA. I found in the Order Of The Rebellion, Series 1 - Volume XIV (S#20), correspondence, Orders, and Returns Relating To The Operations On The Coasts Of South Carolina, Georgia, and Middle and East Florida from April 12, 1862 to June 11, 1863, Confederate correspondence, etc., #12 dated February 11, 1853, a memo from Thomas Jordan, Chief of Staff to Brig. General Joseph Finegan, Commanding District of East Florida in Lake City, FL. This memo discusses the successful capture of the Union steamer Issac Smith in the Stono River by Colonel Yates.. The tactic was to allow the Union boats to proceed up river passing all the batteries of field guns and sharpshooters and when reaching the battery farthest up river it began to fire on the gunboat requiring the boat to run a gauntlet to escape down river. General Finegan was instructed to place himself in communication with Colonel Clinch, 4th Georgia Cavalry, to do something of a similar nature on the St. Mary's River. The compiled record for A. C. Strickland shows he was absent from the muster roll beginning March 1863 to November 1863 appears to confirm the story of his injury."
Submitted by James R. Strickland great grand-son of Alfred Cuthert Strickland .

i. JAMES RILEY STRICKLAND, b. October 12, 1857, Georgia; d. March 19, 1943, Georgia; m. (1) ELIZA BENNETT, December 11, 1881, Georgia; b. May 18, 1860; d. 1901, Georgia; m. (2) MINNIE E. JOHNSON, March 23, 1902.
ii. JONATHON CLARK STRICKLAND, b. December 14, 1860, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. 1937, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. NANCY THOMPSON, February 18, 1882.
iii. ADELINE STRICKLAND, b. April 24, 1862, Georgia; d. 1878, Georgia.
iv. LAVINIA STRICKLAND, b. February 08, 1865, Georgia; d. 1899, Georgia; m. JOHN HILLIARD; b. May 1871, Georgia.
v. CHARLES T. STRICKLAND, b. March 25, 1867, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. August 22, 1961, Georgia; m. RACHEL BENNETT, July 30, 1888; b. 1867; d. 1944.
vi. HENRY MATTHEW STRICKLAND, b. January 04, 1870, Georgia; d. March 05, 1936, Georgia; m. MARY ETTA BENNETT.
vii. WILLIAM MARION STRICKLAND, #, b. April 16, 1871, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. July 05, 1944, Georgia; m. SUSAN LASTINGER, December 25, 1902, Georgia; b. April 09, 1879, Bulloch Co, Georgia; d. October 07, 1960, Ware Co, Georgia.
viii. RAYFORD STRICKLAND, b. July 18, 1873, Georgia; d. 1879, Georgia.
ix. ASENATH STRICKLAND, b. October 04, 1875, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. 1910, Georgia; m. JAMES ABBOTT, August 18, 1890, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. October 1870, Georgia.
x. LUCY STRICKLAND, b. May 13, 1877, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. July 12, 1959, Georgia; m. THOMAS W. GOSS, June 19, 1895, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. December 18, 1918.
xi. ROBERT K. STRICKLAND, b. August 16, 1879, Georgia; d. Georgia; m. EZZIE MANNING; b. March 31, 1911; d. February 17, 2000, Wayne Co, Georgia.


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