(RICHARD FURMAN2, MOSES1) was born Bet. 1845 - 1849 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died September 26, 1926 in Wayne Co, Georgia. He married NANCY L. BENNETT March 28, 1870 in Georgia, daughter of JOHN BENNETT and LUCY HARRIS. She was born March 31, 1852 in Appling Co, Georgia, and died May 05, 1919 in Wayne Co, Georgia.
He was a farmer and a Baptist minister.
There is no family I can presently attach Jared to. The 1850-1860 census does not show him with the Furman, Rabon or Noah Sr families. Some say that he was a son of Furman, so we shall leave him here.
A case can be made that David in 1850 and James in 1860 is the same as Jared in Furman's census records.
I have a copy of his death certificate, Georgia #22940. His age is listed as 80 years old. The year of birth cannot be determined as it was written over. It looks to be 1846 with a 9 written over the 6.
It does list Furman and Lucy as his parents. The informant is his son, Benjamin Franklin.
After extensive research, I have come to the conclusion that in the Richard Furman Westberry, CSA family, that Jared W. Westberry was the last child of Josiah Westberry, born in 1846-49, his father, Josiah, dying before his birth. Richard took him in to raise him.
1880 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
J. W. Westberry, 31; Nancy L., 28; Cassidy Lee, 8; William H., 6; Eliott M., 4; James I., 2/12.
1900 Census, Wayne Co, Georgia.
Jared W. Westberry, Apr. 1849; Nancy L., Mar. 1852; Benjamin F., Jan. 1883; Paul A., Jan. 1885; Peter C., Oct. 1888; Lonnie J., Nov. 1890; Thomas E. W., Mar. 1893; Flossie R. L., Nov. 1896.
1910 Census, Ware Co, Georgia.
J. W. Westberry, 61; N. A., 58; Lonnie, 20; Watson, 17; Louise, 14.
1920 Census, Duval Co, Florida.
Is enumerated with his son, Peter Clinton Westberry. He is listed as Jerry W. Wesberry, age 72.
The Atlanta Constitution, Atlanta, Ga., August 21, 1894.
Joint Debate in Wayne. Jesup, Ga., August 20.-(Special.)- At Ritch, in this county, about eighteen miles from this place, a joint discussion was held between the democrats and populists on Saturday last. Those taking part were S. R. Harris, democratic nominee for senator; J. W. Bennett, democratic nominee for the house, and J. W. Poppell, clerk of the superior court, Rev. Silas Thornton, populist nominee for senator, W. D. Middleton, populist nominee for the house, and Rev. J. W. Westberry, the father of the third party in this county. Arrangements are being made to have a democratic rally at this place during the month of September. Messrs. F. G. DuBignon and R. L. Berner will be invited to deliver addresses.

i. CASSIDY LEE VIOLA WESTBERRY, b. February 06, 1871, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. December 1951, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. LEWIS TYRE, June 04, 1888, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. February 05, 1863; d. October 11, 1916, Georgia.
ii. WILLIAM HENRY WESTBERRY, b. February 25, 1873, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. November 10, 1926, Florida; m. LUCY THOMPSON, February 04, 1894, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. June 1880, Georgia; d. 1960, Georgia.
iii. ELLIOT MARION WESTBERRY, b. May 08, 1875, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. November 10, 1935, Wayne Co, Georgia; m. ELIZABETH GRIFFIS, June 08, 1899, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. 1886, Georgia.
iv. JARED FREDERIC WESTBERRY, b. December 04, 1877. Died young.
v. JAMES ISAIAH WESTBERRY, b. May 03, 1880, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. June 16, 1956, Florida; m. (1) DAISEY SPELL; b. Abt. 1886, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. March 07, 1929, Orange Co, Florida; m. (2) ARAMINTA ISABELLA CROSBY, June 11, 1899, Wayne Co, Georgia; b. March 1883, Georgia.
vi. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN WESTBERRY, b. January 03, 1882, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. May 04, 1966, Florida; m. NETTIE MAE CROSBY; b. 1890, Georgia.
vii. PAUL AUGUSTUS WESTBERRY, b. June 14, 1885, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. September 06, 1944, Duval Co, Florida; m. OLAR EADER MORRIS, June 09, 1909, Waycross, Georgia; b. April 08, 1888, South Carolina; d. September 21, 1927, Chatham Co, Georgia.
viii. PETER CLINTON WESTBERRY, b. October 19, 1888, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. December 15, 1974, Florida; m. ETHEL LUCILLE PARKER, April 23, 1911, Waycross, Georgia; b. June 21, 1896, Georgia; d. March 14, 1988, Florida.
ix. LONNIE JEFFERSON WESTBERRY, b. November 25, 1890, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. February 21, 1958, Florida; m. MARGARET MCDANIEL, August 27, 1918, Florida; b. 1900, Tenneessee.
x. THOMAS WATSON WESTBERRY, b. March 04, 1893, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. September 07, 1964, Georgia; m. CORA BUCKINS, October 25, 1915, Waycross, Georgia; b. Abt. 1897.
xi. FLOSSIE LORAINE ROVETTA WESTBERRY, b. November 03, 1896, Wayne Co, Georgia; d. April 22, 1993, Florida; m. JOHN ANDREW ENRIGHT; d. 1955.


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