(CALEB2, MOSES1) was born October 13, 1834 in Atlanta, Georgia, and died January 12, 1921 in Cooke Co, Texas. He married LOUELLA “LOUISA” WILLIAMS. She was born abt. 1842 in South Carolina, and died Bef. 1920 in Texas.
1860 Census, 942 Dist., Brownville, Paulding County, Georgia, July 21.
G. Rentz, 70, Born GA, Farmer; Kissa, 52, Born GA; Albert Westberry, 22, Born GA, Farm Manager; Louisa, 18, Born SC; Henry D., 1, Born GA.
1910 Census, JP 2, Files, Hill County, Texas, April 27.
Westberry, Albert, 73, Born GA (Parents-GA), Married 52 Years, No Occupation; Louisa, Wife, 71, Born SC (Parents-SC), 12 Children Born-7 Living; Brewer/Brown?, Ruby, Dau., 49, Born-GA, Wid. (HH 51)

1920 Census, Gainesville, Prec. 1, Cook County, Texas, January 8.
Campbelle, J. Will, 42, Born MO, Oil Refinery; Lillie, Wife, 39, Born GA (Father-GA, Mother-SC); L?, Dau., 17, Cashier/Dry Goods; ?, Son, 15; Ruby, Dau., 13; Lucy M., Dau., 6; (All Children Born TX); Westberry, Albert, FIL, 84, Wid., Born GA. (Howeth Street)
I found Albert Westberry in the Confederate Soldiers Index: "Co. F - 40th Reg. Ga. Volunteer Inf. Army of Tenn., C. S. A. Paulding Co., Ga. - Paulding Washington Guards
Westberry, Albert - Private Mar. 4, 1862.
Appears only on bounty payroll dated March 27, 1862.
Albert is listed as a member in the Alvarado Camp of Ex-Confederate Veterans, December 21, 1889, in Johnson County, Texas.
Hand Book of Texas
"The Tyler-Palestine Road, which passed through Teaselville, ran from Tyler to the El Camino Real (see OLD SAN ANTONIO ROAD) and was the first public road planned by the County Commissioners Court. The community was, therefore, fairly accessible to early settlers. It was sometimes called Loftin for a prominent local family. With the advent of the Smith County railroad system in the 1870s, the community failed to prosper. The nearest line went through nearby Bullard, so goods and produce were sent there for shipping. The Lee Spring Baptist Church was organized nearby by 1892, and in 1900 the settlement was granted a post office called Loftin, with Albert Westberry as postmaster. The post office closed sometime before 1935."
Albert is listed in the Texas death index as Albert Westbury, DC # 667

iii. HENRY DEMETRIS WESTBERRY, b. September 11, 1858, Georgia; d. January 14, 1930, Ellis Co, Texas; m. (1) MARGARET FRANCIS BROWN, November 13, 1881; b. Abt. 1861; d. April 16, 1885; m. (2) GEORGIA BROWN, July 16, 1885; m. (3) JANIE ROBBS, November 15, 1888, Smith Co, Texas; b. Mississippi; m. (4) LIZZIE HARPER, Abt. 1899; b. Abt. 1873; m. (5) CARRIE, Abt. 1909; d. Bef. 1930.
1900 Census, JP 5, Smith County, Texas, June 14.
Westberry, Henry D., 41 (Sept 1838), Born GA, Farmer; Lizzie M., Wife, 26 (Sept 1873), Born TX, 5 Children Born-4 Living; Henry C., Son, 15 (Aug 1884), Born AL (Parents-GA), Single, Farm Labor; George H., Son, 13 (Jan 1887), Born TX (Parents-GA), Farm Labor; Ruby S., Dau., 10 (Aug 1889), Born TX (Father-GA, Mother-TX); Charlie J., Son, 9 (Jan 1891) Born TX (Father-GA, Mother-TX), At School; John J., Son, 6 (Dec 1893) Born TX (Father-GA, Mother-TX); Izora, Dau., 3 (Sept 1896) Born TX (Father-GA, Mother-TX); Harper, Thomas E., Stepson, 10 (Feb 1890), Born TX (Father-TN, Mother-TX), Farm Labor; Clarra L., Stepdau., 8 (Dec 1891) Born TX; Wiley H., Stepson, 6 (Dec 1893) Born TX; Clyde R., Stepson, 5 (May 1895) Born TX. (Image 51)

1910 Census, JP 8, Italy Town, Ellis County, Texas, April 19.
Westberry, Henry D., 51, Born GA (Parents-GA), Married 6 Times, Currently Less Than 1 Year, Miller/Grist Mill; Carry, Wife, 48, Born Miss, Married 2 Times, 8 Children Born-6 Living; John, Son, 17, Born TX (Father-GA, Mother-Miss.), Day Laborer; Chas., Son, 12, Born TX; Wilburn, Son, 8, Born TX. (HH 152, Holt Street)
1920 Census, Prec. 5, Mt. Sylvan, Smith County, Texas, January 13.
Westbury, Henry, 35, Born AL (Parents-GA), Farmer; Effie, Wife, 25, Born TX; Oscar, Son, 6, Born TX; Lora, Dau., 4 1/12, Born TX; Barney L., Son, 11/12, Born TX; Henry, Father, 61, Born GA, Wid., Farm Laborer. (Davis Branch Road)
Henry Demetris Westberry (September 11, 1858) (January 14, 1930) married Marget Francis Brown on November 13, 1881. She was born in (1861) and died (April 16,1885). Henry Demetris was initiated an Entered Apprentice in December of 1895. passed to the degree of Fellowcraft January 25,1896 and raised a Master Mason February 27, 1896 at T. R. Bonner Lodge in Mt. Sylvan, Texas. He was elected Junior warden in 1896 and Worshipful Master of this lodge in 1898 and 1899. He demitted in 1903 to D. S. Files Lodge. He demitted to Italy Lodge No. 647 in 1910 and back to Mt. Sylvan on April 19, 1913. The masonic records state his occupation to be a farmer. He was active in Masonry and his community.
Henry is listed in the Texas death index as Berry, Henry D. West. DC# 1950
iv. JAMES WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1867, Alabama or Texas; m. EDITH.
James Westbery, White, 33, born in Texas, living in Rockwall County, TX; Edith, Wife, 25, Texas; Willie, Son, 5, Texas; and Evilin, Dau., 3 5/12, Texas. 1900
v. HURBERT JACOB VERNON WESTBERRY, b. December 25, 1868, Alabama; d. April 23, 1956, Texas; m. MARTHA D. CHEEK, Abt. 1897; b. April 18, 1878, Tennessee; d. April 12, 1956, Texas.
1900 Census, Precinct 2, Hill County, Texas, June 27.
Westberry, Hubert, 31 (Dec 1868), Born AL, Married 3 Years, Farmer; Mattie D., 22 (Apr 1878), Born TN, 1 Child Born-1 Living; Rainey A., Son, 1 (Aug 1898), Born TX; Check/Cheek, Nancy M., MIL, 64 (Feb 1836), Born TN, Wid., 10 Children Born-7 Living; John W., BIL, 30 (Dec 1867), Born TN, Single, Farm Hand; Westberry, Lillie, Sister, 19 (Sep 1880), Born AL, Single; Hancock, Pearl, GodChild (Male), 11 (May 1889), Born TN, Farm Hand. (Image 37)

1910 Census, JP 2, Files, Hill County, Texas, April 26.
Westberry, Hubbert, 39, Born AL (Parents-GA), Married Once, 12 Years, Farmer; Mattie, Wife, 32, Born TN (Parents-TN), 4 Children Born-4 Living; Rainey, 11, Son, Born TX, In School; Uralie, Dau., 8; Hermond, Son, 6; Frank, Son, 3. (HH 37)

1920 Census, JP 2, Hill County, Texas, February 27.
Westberry, Hubert, 51, Farmer; Mattie, Wife, 44; Rainie, Son, 21, Single, Well Driller; Ura Lee, Dau., 18, Single, Teaching School; Herman, Son, 16, Single, Farm Labor; Frank, Son, 13; Hubert Cheek, Son, 6. (Image 17, HH 133)

1930 Census, JP 2, Hill County, Texas, April 4.
Westbury, Hubert J., 61, Born GA (Father-AL, Mother-SC), Married at 29, Farmer; Mattie D., Wife, 52, Born TN (Parents-TN), Married at 19; Hubert C., Son, 16, Born TX, Farm Labor. (North Files Valley Itasco Road)
Hurbert Jacob Vernon Westberry
Records from the Grand Lodge of Texas state that Hurbert Westberry was initiated an Entered Apprentice on 12/04/1897, passed to the degree of Fellowcraft 01/07/1898 and raised a Master Mason 02/05/1898. Records show that he held many elected offices and was appointed many times as well. He was a member of D. S. Files Lodge No. 520 of Files Valley , Texas and demitted to R. E. Lee Lodge No. 449 of Itasca, Texas. He received his fifty year service award in 1955.
Itasca Cem, Itasca, Texas.
Notes for MARTHA D. CHEEK: Itasca Cem, Itasca, Texas.
vi. RUBY WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1871; m. UNK BREWER.
vii. LILLIE WESTBERRY, b. Abt. 1881; m. J. WILL CAMPBELLE; b. Abt. 1878, Missouri.
1920 Census, Gainesville, Prec. 1, Cook County, Texas, January 8.
Campbelle, J. Will, 42, Born MO, Oil Refinery; Lillie, Wife, 39, Born GA (Father-GA, Mother-SC); L?, Dau., 17, Cashier/Dry Goods; ?, Son, 15; Ruby, Dau., 13; Lucy M., Dau., 6; (All Children Born TX); Westberry, Albert, FIL, 84, Wid., Born GA. (Howeth Street)

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